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  1. Alright, according to this site it looks like he wore #16 after being traded to the Spurs in November '75. https://www.ultimate70s.com/nhl_roster/D-O/75/W I'll go ahead and leave this post up for posterity, haha.
  2. Hey, all! Hoping my sports guru friends here can help me out! I'm looking to pick up a replica of an old WHA Denver Spurs jersey, and after seeing that Goldie Goldthorpe (Ogie Oglethorpe's inspiration in the movie Slapshot) played for the team for 12 games in 1975, I'm planning on getting his name on it. My problem is that I can't find what number he wore while on the team. It appears that he joined the team mid-season in 1975 and left before the ill-fated end of the franchise as the Ottawa Civics in Jan '76 (because he's not in the team photo at the start of the season, and not in a Civics program I found). He appears to have worn 7, 9 and 18 on other teams (the Blades, Dusters and Fighting Saints) within a year or two of 1975. I've been searching for hours and thought maybe the crew here would know some resources that I haven't found yet. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, all! Looking for the name of the font the Avs switched to for their jersey nameplates starting in 2017. The font is VERY similar to their old font, but there are distinct differences between some of the letters. The C and G for instance. I tried Whatthefont with just the below (to lessen curvature) and got no accurate results. Really, REALLY would love either the font name, or if it's custom and somebody here has put one together, a link would be a beaut. Thanks in advance!
  4. It's '123 and...' Awesome--thanks so much!
  5. My fonts got wiped off my computer and I need to download 'em again. This one is one that I NEED NEED NEED. Anyone know what it is?
  6. I know pro wordmarks are often custom, but I also know some of our amazing artists here like to recreate the fonts themselves. Any idea what this font is, or where I could get a created version of this custom? I took the liberty of trying to straighten it out a bit so we can see what the font may look like unskewed: Much appreciated!
  7. I simply duplicate the item, stroking the rear object. Then outline stroke, release compound path, add and expand. I'm kind of anal about keeping things clean and expanded instead of stacking tons of off-setting effects, etc. like others are prone to do.
  8. I feel retarded asking for a template that everyone probably has, but I've searched the last 10 pages or so of this thread and have yet to see it. While I typically prefer other hockey templates, I think this look will be the best fit for my newest project: Does anyone have a vector version (or .PSD if you must) template of the Reebok All-Star Hockey jersey? If you can post it here that'd be great, if you can email it to me at StPatty33@AOL.com that'd be fine as well! Thanks in advance! ***goes back to hiding in the shadows***
  9. yeah there are several things in the ol' Illustrator that the grouping can mess up and won't even let you know. Generally it won't let you add and expand multiple objects if they're grouped--with each other even. Still... gotta love the program... Also, does live trace really work?! I've never bothered to use it... I honestly don't think I could trust the computer to duplicate something as well as I could just with the pen tool. If so though... man that could come in handy!
  10. So what you're really lookin' for is a Swiss 'Ball template?
  11. From what I've seen it blows chunks. I'd rather spend basically the same amount of time doing it by hand instead of using autotrace and then the pencil tool to clean it up. I think there's a full program from adobe that's supposed to be like some super-auto-tracer on steroids. I don't remember what it's called, though.
  12. I usually type out my text the way I want it, select it all, and make a new art brush out of it. I'd take the width down to about 10% or less, then when you apply it to a line, you can adjust the stroke number to get the text exactly how you want it. typing along a path is probably the easier way to go though... I have to admit I didn't know you could do that (stop laughing!) I'm going to have to keep on keepin on with my total training dvds, eh.
  13. it's generally not a good idea to mix rasterized art (jpgs, bmps, pngs etc.) with vector art (ai, eps and so on). Unless you're going to redraw the jpg logo in illustrator (which is exactly what I'd do), you're better off doing the whole thing in photoshop.
  14. Does anone have an active link to Roger Clemente's (or anyone elses, for that matter) Hockey template in vector format? I'd really appreciate it! I had a couple people PM me the football template, thanks again!
  15. Does anyone have Nick's NFL template in vector format they could host for a bit for me? I'm using the newest version if IE and when I try to open the zip's it sits there for a minute then the browser closes--then that's all, folks. I'd really appreciate it--I need it for Astros contest!
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