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  1. as a die hard bills fan, here's my two cents. i absolutely love where it is going and i'd take it over what we use now any day but a few things catch my eye. the stripe coming off the body is not matched up with the horn, it begins way below it and it looks offset to me, id move it up to match the horn position. a second thing, as the body continues toward the end, it seems to get progressively skinnier and skinnier and at the very end it just looks too skinny, it just needs to be beefed up a little bit in the tail end. other than that, best bills concept i've seen in a long long time, please get this to buffalo quick! excellent work
  2. ^^^^^ absolutely gorgeous work right there imo. I like the selections but andrew's logos, all of them, are beautiful.
  3. excellent concept idea here. I used to go to 49ers games all the time in Fairbanks. All the teams in the league could use an overhaul and i like where you started with the oilers. solid logos but i think the uniforms are a tad plain. I think that you should take the oil drop without the PO and put it on one of the sleeves and then take the secondary bronze/gold color and add another thin stripe on the sleeves with the red and black on the away just for some pop. other than that awesome job! I'll be watching this one
  4. as a die hard caniac... :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  5. love the logos, love the uniforms, the colors work well, it says seattle to me in every way. awesome job one gripe, the bottoms of the R and the S on the secondaries are a little harder to pick up against the mountain, maybe outline them or change the color all together
  6. as a bills fan, I love everything except turn the horn upside down, the ridges as the top dosent look very natural
  7. As a die hard canes fan....THOSE 3rds SUUUUUCK!!!! I have been a canes fan for as long as i can remember, i live and die with Carolina. I cant believe they actually think those are acceptable, absolutely horrible. I love there currents jerseys and hope they never change but these?? you couldnt come up with anything, anything better than these?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK. come on Canes, come on. Have some decency. THESE JERSEYS BLOW
  8. Hey everybody, I figured the concepts thread would be the best place to put this. Well I have been with the boards for about 4 years now and my love of drawing and designing with the computer has become stronger and stronger. I am a senior in high school now and I really want to pursue a career as a graphic designer.... BUT... I am a little hesitant, this is were you guys come in! Most people on these boards are the most talented artists I have ever seen. I know some of us are professionals in this field already. I am currently looking at Drexel University as my first choice, I love the program and opportunities they have there. Good Choice??? I am also just curious about jobs. I dont want to get a degree and then not be able to have a job in the field. Is there a demand for designers right now? Would it be not the hardest thing in the world to get a design job? Also, gotta talk about that money. Can you make a good living as a designer? Can you live off designing? Just a few questions I thought I'd throw out there for some help. If you guys have any thoughts at all, anyone, let me hear em. I have never seen anything like this discussed on these boards before. A few details: At drexel I would co-op for 18 months with an actual job with a design company for work experience and I would be in an accelerated graduate degree program earning an undergrad degree and the higher level design diploma at the same time. Thanks alot guys, cant wait to hear your thoughts! - Austin
  9. updates: Yellow darkened- i like the new yellow personally, ur thoughts? subtle shading- added some gray shading to the white part of the stomach wordmark- i played around with some different wordmarks and i guess im just partial to this one but i did tweak it a bit and removed the inside striping. KB- removed the inner striped to match the wordmark, not feelin it as much any more though, i may need to change it to come- eye tweaks, maybe a complete wordmark over haul comments and thoughts? once i get the logos ironed out i will make the uniforms, probably baseball.
  10. thanks for the comments guys. I will tweak the shading and change the yellow to legg's suggestion. I will also play with some new wordmarks and will post later today or tomorrow.
  11. my cousin went to marist and i have never seen this. good find! I like it, upgrade imo. it would be even better if they took the old M with the fox logo and updated it to these logos standard it would be perfect.
  12. ^^^ aw man! brain fart i guess, its on the tip of my tongue i just cant spit it out! Thanks for the comments guys. I think the yellow is going to stay, orange threw off the look to much for my liking. I like the baseball idea, i was thinking either that or basketball but we will see. Keep the comments coming and thanks to those who already have!
  13. sideshowbob

    Kona Bills

    What up everybody?!? First concept in a LONG time. I guess i hit some kind of designers block brain damage or something. Anyway, coming back with a bang. I present the Kona Bills! I got the idea over spring break when my family went to Hawaii and visited Kona on the big island. If you ever get a chance to go, it is absolutely amazing! I encourage everyone to go if given the chance. Anyway, Kona is the sport fishing capital of the world. Some of you old school guys may remember watching sports fishing from Kona on the wide world of sports. I went with Bills as short for Bill Fish which is the family of fish that swordfish and sailfish belong to which frequent the waters of Kona. The wordmark is all custom hand drawn, my first custom wordmark actually. I kept the colors light, in Hawaii sit back and relax fashion. Im not sure exactly what sport this identity would fit into, any suggestions? Uniforms may be on the way. As Always C&C guys! Oh, and if you get the chance, I just revamped and made a whole new website. I didn't make it myself but i used synthasite so it is built to my specifications and liking. check it out and let me know what you think! URL in my signature.
  14. As a canes fan, I love the updated jersey set. absolutely awesome, i would definetly buy one! however im not to hot on the logo update, slap the current one on that new jersey and its a beauty!
  15. alright, here we go, lets see if i can help ya out. 1. i like the stripes around the number, but they limit the size of the number, make the stripes end closer to the side of the jersey so the number can be seen. 2. make the number bigger, much BIGGER 3. remove the logo from behind the logo, it looks way to crowded, maybe move it to the sleeve area 4. the stripe on the pants is different, it can be good in my opinion if you add a vertical line to the side of the pants and attach it to the existent line, it look wierd that it just ends, ya know what i mean? 5. get rid of the shoulder stripes, it is already a busy look. don't overdo it 6. make the name on the back bigger 7. maybe make the pants red or white, it kinda looks like the mcdonalds team right now hopefully these were helpful, keep on designing!