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  1. hey guys, this is really simple but... I can't get the smooth tool to work right. I know you select the object, but the anchor points need to be white boxes right? when i select the object the points are not white, they are solid blue and when i run the smooth tool over it, it does not smooth. can anyone help?
  2. thats what i meant, how to remove it from acrobat, everytime i open one, i click save a copy, then i open it in illustrator and i can not use it, it wont convert to live paint and i do not know why. so i guess how do you remove vector files from acrobat?
  3. hey guys, quick question. In a post in the requset forum, MiltonandLumbergh(?) posted that it is really easy to remove vector files from adobe reader, how do i do that?
  4. hey guys, I didn't know if I should put it here or in templates, every time I use a vector football template and create lines and make it a live paint group, it totally screws up the template. I t clears all the inside lines and the shadows and turns the rest black. is there anything i can do to get a clean paint transfer onto a template? if not, does anybody have a vector football template that dosen't do that? Thanks alot
  5. alright yea, yours is really good, can't wait to get it
  6. what's up guys, I've been looking for a swift style hockey template and can't find one. Can any one help me out? thanks alot
  7. this may be a stupid question, but is there any way to automatically add an outline to a logo without having to draw it? Also, im trying to figure out if you can put words inside an outline, sorta like the pistonsthenextdynasty thread about the dragons wordmark, or do you have to do that by hand? thanks guys
  8. okay, so then if a logos colors are pantone, is there a specific way to find out exactly what the colors are?
  9. hey guys, is there a way to perform a live trace without messing up the appearance of the image? So that after you have done a live trace it looks exactly the same, but it is vectorized? Another question, say I have a logo in illustrator, is there a way to pull up its exact colors on illustrator?
  10. I have another question, this is probably stupid but how do you add water marks behind concepts?
  11. Most of the guys on this board are very talented using illustrator,one question, how long did it take you guys to get good at working with illustrator,how long did it take anyone who uses illustrator for that matter?
  12. Hey guys, I've been waiting to get Illustrator cs for a while now and since Christmas just past I have a little dough now. I'm not sure but I thought I remembered a post on this board with a site that sold Illustrator cs for $100 bucks to students.I can't find it though, can any one help me or m I just brain dead?
  13. alright guys I'm extremely new to illustrator, heck, my computer is so old i could only download a trial of illustrator 10. this is probably the stupidest question ever but....i cant figure out how to add color. Is there like a dump paint feature? Every time i use paintbrush, after about 3 strokes it all disapears. Can you help me?
  14. does anybody have a roller hockey template?
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