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  1. Wow, if the Mariners went with this and the NY Islanders went with the fisherman logo they had in the mid-90's, my two favorite teams would have the same logo.
  2. I like the Blazers, Bucs, and even the Gorton's logo (still glad the Isles have their current logo though). Blazers might be my favorite logo in the NBA.
  3. 1. New York Islanders 2. Seattle Mariners 3. B.C. Lions Sports is all about loyalty - you can never give up. I cheer for perhaps the worst team in baseball and one of the worst teams in hockey. At least the Lions are good.
  4. I thought those skate logo Canuck jerseys from the late 80's were quite good. Used to have one myself when I was a wee kid. They should go back to that logo.
  5. Ghetto, I've gotta give you props again for this. Someone posted this concept in the Islanders forum over at and 90% of the Isles fans liked or loved it - if we didn't have a logo steeped in tradition and glory, if we were a newer franchise, these jerseys would be perfect for us, though one person even remarked he liked the logo better than our current one. Even better with that tertiary mark with the lighthouse as the primary logo.
  6. Ugh, I hope that's not the one. Please no. Maybe its a prototype considering the number on the front.
  7. I'm a proponent the Islanders keeping their current logo, but that tertiary logo, the one with the lighthouse in the middle, would make for an AWESOME third jersey. Good work!!!
  8. I'm pro-flying skate. They went to the finals twice in black, red, and yellow. They've never gone to the finals in blue and green. There's your identity.
  9. I like a few of these. The Rangers jersey looks very sharp with well-arranged striping and a great incorporation of NY icons in the logo. The maroon-red combo on the Devils looks sharp. Your Penguins jersey doesn?t look bad, but I think the blue should be darkened to navy. The colors on the Islander logo look good, but the logo is a bit busy and probably shouldn?t feature the skyline. Wow, Hurricanes, I like it. Good color combination that reminds me of the Kelowna Rockets. I?m partial to the current logo, but this one isn?t bad. Lightning as well ? its radical, but it works. I might consider keeping some shade of blue instead of the red but, overall, its on the right track. Blue Jackets looks great as well, especially the stars down the arms.
  10. It would be cool to get New York Islanders, Seattle Mariners, and B.C. Lions, please and thank you!
  11. I like the jerseys but the Portland jersey would be much better with just the primary logo on the front instead of the flames and "BLAZERS" script. Personally, I think the Blazers have the best logo in the NBA without the flames and circle. The Warriors jersey is especially good, perfect colors and trim. Hawks jersey is another winner. Timberwolves as well.
  12. I don't like the current Seattle navy blue home alternate jerseys. They look too much like the D-Backs with the font. The white home jersey is one of the best jerseys in baseball and they should stick with that all the time.
  13. I like those caps. Very sharp!
  14. What he said. That is a good looking jersey and one of the only alternate logos that has worked.
  15. Icco, those look great, especially the black and gold jersey with white lettering. That is a great logo. Original, to say the least.