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  1. Patchez, I have a business opportunity for you. Can you email me? - Jason Klein
  2. thepacman7, we're looking for a sock manufacturer for a project we're working on. Can you email me at
  3. Great question! For the 66ers, they asked us to stay away from the Route 66 road sign. There was some trademarking/confusion issues with that emblem and so they wanted to tell the story of the people who worked on Route 66 - particularly the blue-collar mechanics in the Inland Empire. They also wanted a real modern look but also tribute to the minor league logos of the midcentury - most of which were swinging bats. There wasn't an intended Padres connection (different angles of the character as well). The first time we jumped the shark was the Clearwater Threshers.
  4. The primary logo was crafted to resemble the costume and for the sleeve emblem we asked, "What if this identity existed all along, but there was a throwback Champ from yesteryear - what would that look like?" The sleeve emblem is the fraux throwback concept.
  5. The front white panel is classic Vermont, so it had to remain in the mix.
  6. Lots of great questions here about our clubs' recent unveilings. Would love answer behind-the-scenes questions over @Brandiose.
  7. A quick note on the signature: We worked with an expert handwriting analyst who deciphers personality traits from handwriting signatures (Graphology). So we asked all our clients for words that describe us, then use our Graphologist to reverse engineer them into handwriting. Then Ken Barber sexed it up. We were always intrigued by what your handwriting says about you, and never heard of anyone reverse engineering a signature using personality traits. In short, if the Brandiose signature ever shows up at the scene of a crime...
  8. NDwas, thanks for the catch. Just made the change. -Jason
  9. PLAN B. BRANDING IS NOW BRANDIOSE We're thrilled to announce we're changing the face of Plan B Branding with a new name! Our new name signals a new era in doing whatever it takes to make teams famous... To make their brands larger than life... To make them "Brandiose" (pronounced Bran-dee-ose). Since starting the company out of our college dorm rooms, we've loved to keep reinventing ourselves. We've had a tremendous decade, and Brandiose better represents who we've become and where we're headed. You'll also see some exciting new things we're bringing to the Brandiose experience, including new ways to collaborate and Behind the Scenes peaks at what we're dreaming up for other clubs. But there are some things that haven't changed. We're keeping everything we're known for -- the 'can-do' attitude, authentic storytelling, and trying new things. You can expect the same Jason & Casey imagination and service, direct contact and way of doing business you love. NEW WEBSITE Explore our new site at where you'll enjoy our partners sharing their experience with Jason & Casey. ABOUT JASON & CASEY We're the guys who dream up looks for Major and Minor League Baseball teams. We grew up in San Diego, have been best friends since kindergarten, and started the company our of our college dorm rooms. We set out then with the same goal we have today: Doing whatever it takes to make teams famous. Over the past decade we've brought to life all kinds of team names, mascots, and looks, including top selling logos for the Richmond Flying Squirrels, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and the Cincinnati Reds. We also invented the first glow-in-the-dark on-field baseball cap for the Casper Ghosts, and the first on-field Rally Cap design for the Altoona Curve. BEHIND THE BRANDIOSE SIGNATURE A logo is a compelling story waiting to be told. Our Brandiose signature celebrates the mid-century lettering that captures an optimistic, utopian view of America. It?s whimsical, playful and embodies the type of imaginative experience you can expect from Brandiose...
  10. Our friends over at the Altoona Curve just unveiled the "First Official On-Field Rally Cap Design" in baseball history. The Home cap, when turned inside out, features the Curve's famous "Al Tuna" rally mascot fish eyes. The team has also been issued the caps. So when a Curve player is on third, it's time for 8,000 fans and players to summon the rally mascot out of the bottle! Flip those lids! Link
  11. The Clink Room just released its fifth limited edition New Era Cap - designed exclusively for sports logo fans. This Edition features a concept logo taken from our design process with the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Before the fans chose the Hot Rods, the Blind Cave Shrimp was in the running. Blind cave shrimp live in caves below Bowling Green, Kentucky and because of the lack of sunlight have lost their ability to see. We thought the name was so awesome and weird, it had to be immortalized as a Clink Room Edition. Visit the Clink store to own your piece of Minor League Baseball history. Also... ? Each cap is an individually hand numbered. Only 150 pieces are being made of this Edition. ? The tags are personally signed by the project designers. ? Cap under visors are lined with our signature cork fabric, imported from Italy. ? Editions are identified by a designers pencil over the ear and display the Phase, identifying the phase of the project the logo was sampled from. ? Available only at
  12. Hey Guys- We thought you guys might enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at dreaming up Minor League Baseball logos... It's Not Whether You Win or Lose. It's How You Sell the Game Plan B. Branding helps turn minor league baseball into a lucrative, lovable freak show. We’re flattered to be apart of this week's Bloomberg Businessweek. You'll find some great features including a spread of our cap designs, and a step-by-step look at dreaming up the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Grab Businessweek on news stands today or read the full article here.
  13. Hey Guys- We just released the Boise Hawks limited edition New Era Cap over at the The Clink Room. It features a concept logo taken from our design process with the Boise Hawks. We also provided a look at two concept sketches... Enjoy! Jason & Casey ABOUT THE EDITIONS The Clink Room cap line provides a behind the scenes look at designing the official logos for Major and Minor League Baseball. We've worked hard to make these caps really special... Individually Numbered Each cap is an individually hand numbered. Only 150 pieces are made of each Edition. Cork Underbills All cap underbills are lined The Clink Room's signature cork fabric, imported from Italy. Designer's Pencil Caps are identified by a "designers pencil over the ear." The icon changes color according to cap color. Concept Phase The caps also display the "Concept Phase" handwriting across the back of the cap, identifying the phase of the project the logo was sampled from. Limited Distribution Editions are available only at
  14. Hey Guys- We want to let you know about a contest we have going on over at The Clink Room... In our "Rejects League" contest, you get to name your own team and design your own cap logos. The whole Clink Room community will provide feedback on the favorite cap designs. We?ll then pick the concepts with the best story, team name, and cap logo. If your design is selected to be apart of the League? ? You?ll have your cap produced. ? You?ll receive 10 free caps for you and your friends. ? And, for every set of 144 caps that we produce with your design on it, you?ll receive $250! When we reorder, boom another $250 bucks. Check out more details over at The Clink Room! Good Luck! Jason + Casey