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  1. I read that the B-Strong jerseys are still being worn on Patriots Day. These new unis will be worn the weekend directly prior.
  2. Looks like postseason jerseys will still be Majestic. Fanatics site has posted Dodgers Flex Base.
  3. Postseason on-fields are $41.99 on Fanatics. Yikes! Price increase and quality decrease. Also, will we see Nike jerseys debut during the postseason? Usually that's when changes make their first appearances.
  4. The best ASG caps, IMO, were the player signature caps. Team oriented and the personal touch of each player, with his number and signature. [URL=http://s208.photobucket.com/user/soxkrazy/media/Mobile%20Uploads/FD99843B-F447-4B00-AF7F-CC7434D3CD47.jpg.html][IMG=http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb63/soxkrazy/Mobile%20Uploads/FD99843B-F447-4B00-AF7F-CC7434D3CD47.jpg][/URL]
  5. During Manfred's press conference on the Gurriel/Darvish situation this afternoon, the Indians' use of Wahoo came up, and Manfred said the use of a logo and the act of a human making racist gestures were two different things (paraphrasing). He did, however, add that he would be meeting with the Indians during the offseason about the logo.
  6. Red Sox are honoring the 1967 team tonight vs. St. Louis. Can't find anything about throwbacks. They did wear them at Busch in May. Anyone hear anything?
  7. 1989 Fleer, RichO? Anyway, I'm assuming Little League Classic/Player's Choice weekend is all one thing? They had been reported as being seperate events.
  8. Any word on whether or not Boston will wear Ortiz number retirement patch caps/jerseys?
  9. Don't see the irony. Sox wore gray with navy lettering beginning in 1901 - two years before the Yankees existed - and wore it for 2/3 of the 20th century.
  10. 2008 Red Sox did not wear any gold or cap/jersey commemorative patches. The '05 team started the trend, and the '14 team repeated it.
  11. Me, too. Always thought it was funny that casual Sox fans thought the navy script was "too Yankees," when Boston's road lettering was navy for much of its history prior to 1990.
  12. Any word on the 2017 Red Sox BP?
  13. All of their on-field caps have been on clearance since the end of the season, and I did get confirmation that there would be new caps. No idea what they will look like, though the teaser suggests the gator theme.
  14. It's so frustrating that the official/authentic Super Bowl jerseys are not available for sale. Screen-printed replicas with different patches don't cut it. Even MLB/Majestic has its act together for baseball's postseason gear. Why, NFL/Nike, why?
  15. They are. Two alternates for the Jays in 2017. The new red cap and the white panel.
  16. All BP caps will now have the NE flag on the left and no AL/NL markings on the right, which has been reserved for the FL patches for spring training.
  17. I definitely remember reading somewhere that the Sox brass wanted the return to red letters on the road with no piping to create consistency with the home jersey.
  18. The Giants revealed the Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July caps/uniforms on their Twitter account yesterday. Caps are supposed to be a graphite with pink and blue logos, eyelets, and stitching, respectively. I believe Marine camo (not quite sure) for Memorial Day, but I don't know what's going on with the FOJ cap.
  19. Looks like potential of NNOB for Red Sox road grays.
  20. Anyone with news about the Red Sox going with NNOB of their road grays? Majestic and MLB Shops Flex Base photos for Papi and Pedroia reflect this possibility.
  21. Via the Lowell Spinners Twitter account, new on-field caps are on the way.
  22. It seems that many of these logos are appreciated or longed for after they've been retired. I think that's just human nature. So, with that said, my all-time favorite cap: the Red Sox 1975-78. I can also appreciate the tradition and all-around classy looks of the Dodgers and Cardinals. Worst look - any pinstriped uniform. Hideous! (And yes, I know the Sox once wore pinstripes!)
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