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  1. These aren't from the NHL, but they're pretty nasty: I also remember one year when the Kalamazoo Wings wore pink jerseys for Valentine's Day. Too bad I couldn't find a picture.
  2. Gonna have to agree with joel on this one.
  3. Shouldn't that be the Nordiques? A few others: Wayne Gretzky Devils jersey (because he called New Jersey a Mickey Mouse operation) Claude Lemieux Red Wings jersey Miroslav Satan Devils jersey (#66) Ulf Samuelsson Bruins jersey (His knee on Cam Neely) Dale Hunter Islanders jersey (Pierre Turgeon hit)
  4. ^Now we just have to sit back and wait for that big trade for a 5th or 6th defenseman
  5. Well, just now, the guy was talking about a missing kid in the stadium.
  6. Never liked the black ones. At least you guys still have the white with orange trim, those are awesome.
  7. Brutal stuff. Didn't anybody learn anything from the Nashville Predators?
  8. I used to think the road jersey was especially bad, but it's grown on me. Anyways, I like the new Lions jerseys, but I think they should've kept the grey helmets. Went to the Hamilton/BC game, yesterday.
  9. Hilarious logo, I'd wear it (Whether you were aiming for hilarious or not.).
  10. I hate the Leafs, but that's third jersey is even better than their normal jersey. Oh, and I also pick the Canucks. Have a Bertuzzi one of that jersey.