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  1. What they heard was they screwed up and everyone wants the old logo back.
  2. Yeah, if they start actually winning the CCL and being better than FMF teams on a consistent basis after 25+ years of trying. Nice of MLS to give us SOME "throwback" gear after 15+ years of people clamoring for it. I guess all the lost revenue from Corona helped them remember who pays their bills.
  3. The current ownership hates the name but also doesnt want to face a giant backlash changing it so they're trying to do it in slow motion so its "not as bad".
  4. So you've jammed South Carolina into their identity while de-Hurricane'ing it? You're being too overt about it; you can add the state silhouettes as the black in the warning flag. A team named the Hurricanes needs a Hurricane logo especially when they already have a good looking one.
  5. Extremely sad to say this but I'm done with college sports.
  6. Happy 100th birthday!

  7. Anyone have this? I've been looking for one with a side pic forever.
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