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  1. If their line was so good then why run the ball out of shotgun formation on 4th down? I'm counting 5 lineman and a TE that decided not to block on a run against 4 D-linemen and 2 linebackers waiting on said run. Just saying...
  2. Lol I wasn't saying it turned out well. If this isn't enough to shut up everyone who says they should've run it... ...this is what would've happened. And you know what everyone would be saying? "They should've passed". I'm wondering if Pete Carroll has ever heard of the "Goalline" formation.
  3. I know most posters here hate these, but when the Hawks switched AWAY from these I lost pretty much all interest.
  4. Speaking of that, did the Winnipeg Jets ever acomplish something? I'm not too familiar with the whole process of getting them back but I would guess that this is a similar situation.
  5. 90s nostalgia to a time when the NBA was very popular here (NC). I cant speak for everybody but once the Hornets left interest in pro ball fell off and no one was interested in supporting a team named after some guy. The Bobcats might as well have not existed.
  6. Me neither. For example, I'd rather the Ravens not acknowledge all the history about the old Browns because I dont care about Cleveland. Everyone knows technically the Ravens are a continuation of them but who actually cares about that or the history in question? The fans (in Cleveland).
  7. LOL, I don't know of a single person here in NC that will miss them.
  8. IMO, the Rhein Fire helmet logo was iconic so I'd at least like to see that or something similar.
  9. Extremely sad to say this but I'm done with college sports.
  10. Pass because I love the map logo. It wouldnt be hard to move it to the right a little to include Notre Dame.
  11. I love them they're just colored wrong.
  12. Saturn

    Cosmos NY

    Flip the monogram so it is NYC and NY Cosmos instead.
  13. Not really liking the white sleeves as it makes the jersey look sleeveless. The shade of blue also seems too purple when lit a certain way.