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  1. I would definitely think about changing the Dusters to something else because in every hockey dressing room I've ever been apart of the term "duster" has never been a positive one.
  2. dyse

    The NHL My Style

    Buddy, a lot of these are very sloppy and look very rushed. On the Kings' away jersey you didnt even fill the back of the arm stripe. On your future concepts slow down and look over what you have done before posting it on here. Also, wait for more C&C before posting updates so you can make the best possible concept you can.
  3. Well it's definitely an upgrade to the first Edge jerseys they released but still not by much.
  4. I think adding hem stripes would make it not look as plain. As for the jersey, you may want to rethink your entire concept. I just can't see the Devils wearing something like that.
  5. I think that Canada is really going to have poor it on against the Swiss because their next two games are going to be tough. Espeacially, if Slovakia plays like they did yesterday because I personally think the game was going their way until that blown call leading to the States game tying goal. Hopefully the refs from that game don't ref anymore games this tournament they ruined a great game.
  6. Nevermind then that's the best picture I have. Thanks anyway.
  7. I was wondering if i could get an xbox 360 nhl 10 cover of myself.
  8. That is really good. You should take requests.
  9. The third is really cool, but where would they were it home or away? I think that it would be too confusing if they were playing a team wearing black.
  10. This concept is based on the flag of Chicago not the American flag. I have seen many jerseys use American but, I haven't seen anyone use the Chicago flag on a jersey.
  11. Here is an update using the feedback I got. I used only one outline on the numbers, then I made an alternate with the "CHICAGO" scripted on it. I personal prefer the orignal but, this one is ok. Tell me what you think. Updated Home: Udated Away: Sencond Alternate:
  12. The insipiration for this whole is based on the city of Chicago's flag IMO it looks really cool. I aslo took the name from a women's soccer team. Not much else to say. C&C. HOME: AWAY: THIRD:
  13. dyse

    My NHL Redesign

    I too echo the statment about needing something along the hem it just looks really plain(kind of like a practise jersey). The third jersey is probally the best design in this entire thread and is easily my favourite one you have done so far.