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  1. Kent State's gold jerseys now have NOB
  2. The logo looks much better than the lame- helmet they use. Also, the use of vintage white is intriguing. However, the grey facemask looks awkward with the whole uniform set. Try to use the same shade of white as the away jersey and see how that looks.
  3. Does anyone have an Adidas Revolution 30 template?
  4. Is there an official reason why the paint in, say, the key, can't touch the lines? There's always a very thin unpainted area between the lines and the painted areas. I don't like it. Not a comment on the renderings, but real life. It's not really an official thing, it's the way the floor is painted. The people who paint the court have to use a template, so there are going to be gaps between painted areas.
  5. Mizzou should use the updated tiger as an alternate.
  6. I like the design for Cincy, however the "Cincinnati" wordmark needs to be a little bigger. Also, you could do a "Whiteout" alternate for the Bearcats.UConn can't say much can be improved (except for the font). Otherwise, you hit the nail on the head with this one.One more thing, is there a possibility that these uniforms get names?
  7. This is really nice. Very clever using the alternate logo as the crest for this jersey. Using the contrasting nameplate was a good call as well. I wonder why the Lightning don't use something like this already.
  8. Anderson Redskins (OH) Above is the logo used by the athletic department. Below is the correct version of the logo. This used to be the school's logo: The Indian is the only part of this logo used by any athletic team today (Football helmet decals, girls' basketball uniforms, other teams I can't think of right now). Although versions of this logo (along with the "Flying A") exist in various places in the school, this will probably never be used by any athletic team again.
  9. Can I get the Belk Bowl with Cincy's red helmets that they will wear in the game? Pic of red Helmet: EDIT: Also, Cincy uses Adidas as their manufacturer, just FYI.
  10. Anyone know how to do a matte paint scheme? I'm working on some NFL match ups for this week and I can't seem to get the Vikings helmet right.
  11. Good use of photoshop and illustrator in one helmet.