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  1. droozer

    All-City Logos

    You should put the curly W where the DC is. It looks too out of place around the Washington Monument
  2. Can I have a Nats One using this as the middle logo and this as the one on the strip for an 1152 x 864 screen and an iPod Touch? Thanks.
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread but can I get 1. Nationals with a red background 2. Their new primary logo 3. Ryan Zimmerman, Jason Werth and Pudge Rodriguez with Zimmerman in the middle
  4. Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, Ohio State Buckeyes and Baltimore Ravens please. Needless to say, these are mindblowingly awesome on so many levels
  5. Lake Braddock in Burke, Virginia Nebrich #12 is a beast. headed to UConn next year
  6. If you were doing a 30-40's design the 50 point/star idea would be pointless (pun not intended). The US did not have 50 states until 1959. That said, :OOOOOOOOOO that is an absoluetly amazing piece of art
  7. as you see on this page of the style guide, they are using the prototype script Nationals for t shirts and they kept the DC logo. At the bottom you see they also did away with gold in their colors
  8. Wow, no ones figured out that they've used the red alt since 2009. Kinda inobservant
  9. Actually, you're ON topic here. Well, ya but the color shibang I started wasn't.