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  1. Everyone's favorite pick for an upset is getting throttled by a very underrated Buffs team.
  2. I'm pretty sure that all Browns fans will feel just like your name indicates.
  3. How is it that none of this is surprising at this point? We knew the Browns would just find a way to screw this all up.
  4. I'm having Super Bowl XLVIII flashbacks right now... but this time I'm ENJOYING it.
  5. I'll take the opportunity to post these again so others can see them.
  6. I can add my templates to this list here... Football: Nike Elite Version 1 Hockey: Reebok Edge Standard Basketball
  7. I know I posted him before, but that was the white jersey, here's one of him in the road burgundy. Here's the other for reference.
  8. That's one thing I've been doing for quite awhile myself, in getting older logos vectorized as accurately as possible, instead of what Ren is doing in this thread. It became something for me in doing graphics for gumball helmets and old helmet logos that were needed, which I vectorized. For example, the WFL, USFL, CFL, along with several NFL logos which had vector files that were not accurate to what was worn on the helmets.
  9. You know what bugs me? People posting pictures of obscure or semi-obscure players with no name or reference expecting that everyone knows who they are. I have a feeling these have been posted before at some point, but it's 183 pages and there are several duplicates. Dale Murphy Walt Weiss Jari Kurri
  10. That looks perfectly fine to me. That's the entire reason I am a Mariners fan.
  11. There really is no way to make a tutorial on 'how to do it' because everyone has different techniques and styles. It's really not too much different than creating your own logos, except you already have a base to work with instead of just a vision in your head.
  12. Okay, it is now Monday, so I am officially putting my hat into the ring here. I will only do logos from the big four (NFL, NHL, NBA & MLB) and D1 (FBS) NCAA schools.
  13. Starting on Monday, I will be getting involved in this thread myself. However, I am going to limit myself to the major four leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB) and NCAA Football programs/logos.
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