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  1. There should be no limits. College athletes should be paid whatever someone is willing to pay them.
  2. that's a nice jersey but this whole thing is completely insane
  3. In my experience people who saw legit action in the military are very hesitant to talk about it and don't like it brought up. But someone who unloaded trucks in Germany for 2 years in the 90s is like SUPPORT ARE TROOPS HOO RAH all the time
  4. At Burlington I got a Real Madrid scarf from their 2012 summer US tour, when the International Champions Cup was the Herbalife World Football Challenge. I have no idea how this bounced around for that long, I've never seen anything from Marshall's etc. that old.
  5. This is kind of overstating it because it's just going to be some post-production stuff after the fact Also I will say that the glow puck was a good idea that was ahead of its time, the technology just wasn't there
  6. A 0-0 tie between Army and Union in ice hockey
  7. The Big 4 sports leagues own a variety of trademarks. The only notable exception being the Dallas Cowboys, who are separate. Your Browns hat was split between every MLB team.
  8. Thank you. I have a Nike Heat city edition and while I'm not thrilled with it quality-wise it's good to know these would be better. Might pick one up on black friday (I've already seen them as low as $90 on sale)
  9. That's how it always is. The teams get stuff made here, the fans get stuff made overseas Hockey jerseys went to crap when only the teams got ones made in Canada
  10. It bugged me that the Pirates didn't have Bobby Crosby wear 87, they were leaving money on the table there with jersey/shirt sales Justin Morneau wore 66 for his month and a half in town in honor of Mario
  11. M&N has Swingman NBA jerseys now. Has anyone picked one up? I always wanted some of those 90s jerseys but didn't feel like spending $300. Is the quality similar to the Nike swingman jerseys?
  12. I knew a guy who had a Champion replica Rae Carruth jersey
  13. Aeropostale was a sponsor of like, the Big East Tournament for a while too
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