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  1. Easiest way would be to find a picture of someone else wearing the desired jersey whos body is roughly positioned close to how the "face" player is. This way the face doesn't look out of place. Also to make it look nicer, try playing with some blending options over all layers. This obviously only works if you want to switch the players jersey for an already existing jersey. To put your jersey concept (or whatever you mean by "your jersey") on the player it would take a lot more work and would be extremely difficult to make it look real. You can try double clicking the specific layer on the layers palette (More so to the right of the little rectangle becuase if you double click the left side it will try and change the layer name) this opens up blending options you can double click the stroke option and then play around with the pixel size, colour and even the opacity. Hope those were helpful guys.
  2. Start>Control Panel>Fonts Simply click and drag your unzipped fonts into the Fonts folder.
  3. This is going to sound stupid but I would like to learn how to create logos but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Im proficient in Photoshop but have no idea how to use Illustrator. Anyone know of any tutorials or something to get me started in the right direction at least?
  4. Thats sick man. Ive been wondering how to do these concept logos/jerseys for a while now. I use photoshop all the time (made the signatures below myself) and I have Adobe Illustrator which i understand is the program used to make these concepts. But how do you actually make them? Does it actually require being able to draw well?