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  1. jmac11281, I agree wholeheartedly with you about defenses being handcuffed. It's cheapening the sport. On the other hand, it feels great to have a Raider team that is actually above .500 for one of the few times since 2002. I know it's only 2-1, with our wins coming against a Baltimore team that looks like it has become too old, and a still-rebuilding Cleveland team, but it's a start.
  2. While we're at it, how about bringing back the Kentucky Colonels and San Diego Conquistadors?
  3. For the Buccaneers, I would just bring back their 1997-2013 uniforms, minus the white pants. They had one of the NFL's best-looking uniforms during those years.
  4. "I'm not sure if there's anything to the Orton-to-Chicago talk, but I've seen it all over my Twitter feed. I don't see why he'd come out of retirement to hold down the fort for a Bears team that's going nowhere while Cutler's on the mend." Did the Bears lose Bob Avellini's phone number? Or were Shane Matthews, Erik Kramer, Vince Evans, and Bobby Douglass just too busy?
  5. Good road uniforms for the Jags. I would go with the silver pants with them.
  6. The Jaguars' throwbacks/1990s prototypes are a LOT better than their current uniforms. How about making those their new home uniforms and designing a road jersey to go with it?
  7. I also would keep the 49ers' current logo unchanged and get rid of the black jerseys. I think they should stick to scarlet and gold as their colors.
  8. For the re-designed uniforms, I would just go with the orange pants and brown socks with both the brown and white jerseys, and get rid of the orange jerseys. Besides, with the throwbacks (great-looking throwbacks by the way), there's no need for an alternate anyway. I also am happy you changed the facemasks back to white, and I would bring back the glossy finish for ALL NFL helmets.
  9. And if the earthquake and resulting tsunami don't get them, the rise in global ocean levels over the next 50 years will.
  10. I'm not that crazy about the Jets' concept. It looks too much like their half-a____ 1994 attempt at throwback uniforms.
  11. Sorry, but this is a cheesy idea. (Sorry, I could not help it.) Besides, where would this idea stop? I'm sure Nike considered putting a dog face on the Browns' helmet. What next? A fat hog on the Redskins' helmet? A Raider helmet emblazoned with the fans' mugshots and fingerprints? Barbecue sauce all over the Chiefs' headgear, including the facemasks? Not to mention a Bills' helmet decorated with buffalo wings. Let's leave the cheesehead thing back in the '90s.
  12. I dig both of your sets of Eagles' concepts, as well as the Packers and Bears (whom you had the good taste to basically leave alone) and the Vikings. Good work! The only changes I would make to the Vikings' concepts are: (1) no stripes on the socks, (2) go back to gray facemasks and glossy or semi-glossy finish on the helmets, and (3) black shoes with white trim and laces for all of the players, just like in the Bud Grant era. "This shows that those who are really into NFL uniforms care for uniforms that are classy and timeless. Not 'trendy' or 'cool-looking' (i.e. Browns and Jags)." AMEN, BROTHER!
  13. If you're going to use a colored shoulder yoke on the Dolphins' jerseys (and I'm not too crazy about them for NFL teams; one [Tennessee] is enough), why not go with orange on both jerseys? That would solve the lack of orange on your uniforms.