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  1. While we're at it, how about bringing back the Kentucky Colonels and San Diego Conquistadors?
  2. And if the earthquake and resulting tsunami don't get them, the rise in global ocean levels over the next 50 years will.
  3. I like your Sonics uniforms. I agree though that the white jerseys do need either green numbers with gold outlines, or gold numbers outlined in green. A gold alternate uniform would also be neat.
  4. Good points. Now I think it would be better to just let players go straight out of high school to the NBA again. But still keep the two D-Leagues for those who are not good enough to make a regular NBA roster whether they played college ball or not.
  5. The D-League and Junior D-League would be for those players who do not want to go to college. I would, if I were the NBA commissioner, give high school seniors a choice: either enter the NBA draft straight out of high school and play at least three years in either or both D-Leagues, or if you decide to go to college, you must stay there at least three years. I think that would be better than players making a mockery of being in college by only playing one season and then entering the NBA draft, sometimes without bothering to attend any classes. That way, those who don't want to go to college can play in the minors, learn some fundamentals (hopefully), gain some maturity, and make a little money, while college basketball will then be populated by those players who want to be there.
  6. I think that not only should every NBA franchise have a D-League team, I would go further and add a Junior D-League farm club for each NBA team.
  7. FALCONS--need some sort of striping down both sides of the pants. Also the red numbers on the black jerseys would be too difficult to read from the stands and on television. Your road uniform is not bad. BUCS--I wish you had gone back to their 1997-2013 uniforms, minus the white pants. That's what I did on my concepts. DOLPHINS--I wrote about that on your separate thread for the Dolphins. CARDINALS--like your Broncos concept, the scarlet is unnecessary, plus it does look too much like Cardinal red. The two shades of red together make the sleeve and pants stripes look identical to the Buccaneers' 1997-2013 pants stripes. I would just go with black-Cardinal red-black. I also think the red jerseys look better with no stripes on the sleeves. SAINTS--the diamonds make the uniforms look too busy. Also, black, old gold, and white are enough colors for them. BRONCOS--yeah, light blue and navy blue are one shade too many. I would go with just royal blue as a compromise with the orange and white. I would also go with plain royal blue socks. Otherwise, I think you came up with a nice set of uniforms for the Broncos.
  8. Also Tony Conigliaro of the Red Sox when he was beaned in his face in 1967. Like Thon, Conigliaro's promising MLB career was shortened.
  9. I'd go with Clint Malarchuk getting his jugular cut. Also, in football, Joe Theismann's broken leg, Napoleon McCallum's knee bending forward, and the paralyzing injuries of Darryl Stingley, Mike Utley, and Dennis Byrd. And, while not an injury per se, Detroit Lion receiver Chuck Hughes' fatal heart attack on the Tiger Stadium field against the Chicago Bears in 1971. For baseball: Dave Dravecky's broken arm was hard to watch. I also remember the beaning of the Astros' Dickie Thon. And in basketball, Sean Livingston's injury in 2006, and Rudy Tomjanovich getting his face caved in by Kermit Washington's fist in 1977.
  10. Yeah, "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" seems little more than an excuse for the NFL to sell as much pink merchandise as they can. And how much of that money goes to the people who actually need it or to breast cancer research? As for the NFL's Military Show, it seems to me too much like those politicians who grandstand for our servicepersons and then cut veterans' benefits and VA Hospital funding when they think we're not looking.
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