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  1. As a fan of the retro look, I actually like this more than I thought I would. Did they also rotate the logo so the Dolphin is more vertical?
  2. Visiting teams are not supposed to show off their color.
  3. Oh do tell about all of this fake feminism you're encountering these days. I'd love to see some good for myself. Google is your friend. Oh and for the record, I didn't say I was encountering it. Just that it's making the rounds.
  4. So I'm late to the conversation but what exactly is it that's being labelled as "patronizing"? The fact the women's teams are called by a different name? Someone please explain how that's patronizing because I just don't see it. And what was a suggested solution? A non-gender-specific name? I believe Tennessee has a non-gender-specific name and they still use "Lady" in front of it. Are they patronizing too? Someone get Pat Summitt on the phone and tell her her employer was patronizing her during her storied career and she did nothing about it....'s a dumb argument. Can't say I'm surprised though, seeing as there's a lot of "fake feminism" going around these days.
  5. This whole court fiasco with Iowa is yet another example for what a crock our judicial system can sometimes be. How a fully detailed, proper, side-profile hawk head can be misconstrued for Iowa's stencil-looking, abstract, dated hawk head is beyond me. Yeah, I get it Hawkeyes. Your ugly logo has some sentimental value cause your old coach (glad he didn't quit his day job, cause "artist" wouldn't have paid him well) created it. But it's ugly.
  6. As a further aside, this graphic is now going to bother me because the Revs don't fit the apparent alphabetical pattern of the graphic. The teams appear to be listed in alphabetical order by club name, running left to right and top to bottom (which would be why Sporting Kansas City falls after Seattle Sounders, F.C.). However the New England Revolution is (are?) shown before the Montreal Impact. What gives? P.S. If the Impact are supposed to be Impact de Montreal, then the graphic is even more out of order. Ughhh....I cannot unsee this now. I'm equally perturbed.
  7. It's a large Metro area. It can support two clubs. I suppose by your rationale, the Jets should have never been brought into the league because the Giants already existed. Mets should have never been awarded because there were already the Yankees. Chivas USA is quite possible the worst name in MLS' existence. And that's saying something...cause there have been some doozies.
  8. Given all the calls for different colors like orange and pink and what not...I take it none of you bothered to click the link and read his proposal. *sigh* There's a reason for the navy and teal.
  9. Why does the USL Pro team have more chevrons? The axe being contained within the circle looks a lot better than the way it extends past the circle in the Timbers crest. Personally, an all around better looking crest. Just remove the '2' and adopt that for the senior team.
  10. Or maybe the FXX network, seeing as it's comical to have a minor league playing in the Fall in this country. College Football and NFL dominate Thursday through Monday. What's left? Tuesday and Wednesday? Good luck with that.
  11. I wonder what the 5 stars represent? The 5 teams they'll announce but never play a down?
  12. Congratulations, Fans! You made a bad redesign even worse. This is why you don't let fans (read: non-designers) design your new crest.
  13. I'm not a fan of this latest USA wordmark. Too many sharp edges. Side note: What's up with the sponsor on France's jersey? I hope that's just a warmup. This isn't Euroleague.
  14. HUGE improvement. At least this one looks professionally done. Edit: Still can't wrap my head around the redundancy of having -ville followed by City.