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  1. How does one include a jpeg photo in a post? I've done it before and I just can't seem to remember how I did it! #AmatuerHour
  2. Of course they couldn't. They are ASU for a reason. Those scratches look like Wildcat claws...good sign. Bear Down.
  3. I emailed the AD and equipment manager about the mystery stripe on the blue and red jersey and here's what they said: "It is a shade of red, and it is not purple. Nike worked very close with Coach Rodriguez and they chose the shade of red over white for that stripe"
  4. Can someone help me determine what color stripe is on the new blue/red Arizona jersey? The red jersey has a blue stripe on the shoulder. The other stripe appears to be purple? The blue jersey has a red stripe on the shoulder. The other stripe appears to be purple? I attached an image with arrows pointing to the stripe in question. What the heck color is that? It's certainly NOT a school color! Why not use a white stripe? In my opinion, white would look SO MUCH better! The outlines of the numbers on the blue/red jersey would also look better with white piping! I have been waiting years for a new Arizona football uniform, and unfortunately other than the white jersey and new blue matte helmet with red block A, these new uniforms are a complete fail. I've already emailed the Arizona athletic director with a suggestion to have a "Desert Swarm Throwback" uniform, the same home uniforms Arizona wore during 92-94. In my opinion, those are the best uniforms Arizona has ever had.
  5. I know this was posted before, but the pics that were posted were not the actual jerseys and did a dis-service to them, I think. I think they look great, especially the red jersey. What does everyone think? Please, no fanny pack comments. It looks nothing like a fanny pack & you gotta give props to Arizona for being the FIRST and ONLY team to have its name on the back of the jersey instead of the front.