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  1. To 'Home Opener' specifically, looks like Armada Black or Extra Bold. The rest of the writings (except the "United in Red" one) is also Armada, from Light to Regular to Bold. Mucho thanx!
  2. Anyone know what font this is? Where it says Home Opener?
  3. There's a definitive website about the WFL which can be found here --> http://www.worldfootballleague.org/ The website is run by a real WFL aficionado, Richie Franklin. That website is dear to me, as I was the one who created it, but gave it up almost a decade ago when I stared my new job and had no time to maintain it. I couldn't think of a better person to give this site to.
  4. Indoor soccer at the Kingdome during the NASL indoor period: And even at the Tacoma Dome. The MISL's Tacoma Stars played there for several seasons.
  5. How's this for a trip? Roller derby in the Oakland Coliseum. Not the arena, the freaking STADIUM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmpNw4dMCw8
  6. Anyone have any idea what kind of font this is? A stylized version of Futura would be my guess, but I'm probably way off the mark with that.
  7. Sorry again, folks. WhatTheFont is absolutely useless! Any clue as to what font this wordmark uses?
  8. Nah, wouldn't be Stratum. It's close to it, I will say that. Even WhatTheFont was no help. Looks like Forza then http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100041&itemID=200132&cpuCount= BLAM! Nailed it! It's Forza Black Italic. Mucho thanx for the help, slapshot! BTW, you can DL it for free here: http://www.roughgroove.com/files/forza/
  9. Nah, wouldn't be Stratum. It's close to it, I will say that. Even WhatTheFont was no help.
  10. This is the new slogan for the Ottawa Senators playoff drive: Anyone have any idea of what font they used here?
  11. Any clues as to which fonts are used here? I've been trying to find them and haven't a clue. Even WhatTheFont is useless.
  12. Who can forget the Hamilton Steelheads from the TV show "Power Play" that aired up here? Even Don Cherry appeared on it!
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