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  1. BTW, here are the SVGZ files I found from regarding these logos. ATL_logo.svgz CEN_logo.svgz MET_logo.svgz PAC_logo.svgz And went here to convert them to PNGs:
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen these, but I managed to find the divisional logos each of the four divisions will use for this weekend's All-Star Game in Nashville. They were rather small in size as SVGZ files, but I managed to have them blown up and converted into PNGs. Check 'em out: So, what do you think? Does it look like something the NHL should do outside of the All-Star Game as well?
  3. To 'Home Opener' specifically, looks like Armada Black or Extra Bold. The rest of the writings (except the "United in Red" one) is also Armada, from Light to Regular to Bold. Mucho thanx!
  4. Anyone know what font this is? Where it says Home Opener?
  5. There's a definitive website about the WFL which can be found here --> The website is run by a real WFL aficionado, Richie Franklin. That website is dear to me, as I was the one who created it, but gave it up almost a decade ago when I stared my new job and had no time to maintain it. I couldn't think of a better person to give this site to.
  6. Totally agree here on all counts. And yes, the ads are designed in. Everything on the jersey looks more sublimated than most. And have you seen the referees' jerseys? They've been that way since the 2012 tournament. And yes, that cow head on them is an ad!
  7. Actually, they've only had the two division setup since 2010, when the field of teams expanded from five to six.
  8. Don't know if this was mentioned yet, but I couldn't believe you guys forgot about goalies wearing #20. Definitely, the most famous to do that was this guy: Vladislav Tretiak But, there have been others, including: Ed Belfour Evgeni Nabokov
  9. Indoor soccer at the Kingdome during the NASL indoor period: And even at the Tacoma Dome. The MISL's Tacoma Stars played there for several seasons.
  10. How's this for a trip? Roller derby in the Oakland Coliseum. Not the arena, the freaking STADIUM!
  11. No, it's not. Fort Erie, definitely. I ought to know. I used to live in the Ridgeway/Crystal Beach for nearly 25 years. It usually takes about a 30-40 minute drive to get to Niagara Falls. BTW, the logo is great, even if it does look a little pixelated and some would say amateurish. I wonder if the Brooklyn Cyclones logo started out like that, in their initial draft stages?
  12. Are you saying they should have gone with this? Oh, hell, no.
  13. I've noticed that Indiana, Charlotte and Brooklyn are using a similar graphic. At this point, I'm not sure if that is any indication yet about the NBA officially (or even unofficially) changing the style of their playoffs logos.
  14. Some fans on the A11FL want the Denver franchise to use this: Not bad, but a lot better than what the Denver Gold had 30 years ago.
  15. This is the best concept we've seen here. But, it has a few flaws: * get rid of the orange; use only brown and yellow * wordmarks should be radially arched * one cap -- the one with the bell; get rid of the single-colour cap and the yellow-front-panel cap But kudos on that wordmark, especially on your creation of the road version. Nice numbers, too. There are three design elements that are distinctively "Padres": the brown-and-yellow colour scheme, the bell cap, and that wonderful wordmark. A redesign will be successful to the extent that it incorporates these distinctive elements of the brand. I definitely agree. The only thing I would disagree with is getting rid of the orange. If it's kept to almost an absolute minimum, then this concept would work beautifully. Either this or the blue and orange 1990s jerseys would work.
  16. Not sure if this was posted (apologies if it has), but I just saw on eBay (for sale) a possible prototype of what the Indiana Pacers jerseys were supposed to look like. I can't be sure if it was a continuation of the FloJo jerseys of the early to mid-1990s or a sort of return to them. Either way, the colour scheme looks interesting, if not exciting. Even the numbers and lettering raise some eyebrows as well. Anyone else have any additional info on these? Could these even be fakes?
  17. Holy smokes, you're right! It looks kinda odd-shaped, but it's there.
  18. Wonder if that means that the Canadian SC will change too (since ESPN has a stake in TSN or something). They wouldn't change this set, would they? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Maybe not anymore without Onrait and O'Toole I thought Onrait and O'Toole stunk when they tried to be funny during their shows. They tried WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard to be funny.
  20. Brilliance! Sheer, unadulterated brilliance!
  21. From what I could find, the Thunder are more of an independent team (that's possible in indoor football?), so that's why it was hard to pin them in any one league. Plus, the unis are made by Russell Athletic. I saw a bio pic of one of the players on their website and saw the Russell logo on the uni.
  22. Here's a larger version of the new Stanley Cup playoffs logo, just found today. I do apologize in advance for it being so large!
  23. Anyone have any idea what kind of font this is? A stylized version of Futura would be my guess, but I'm probably way off the mark with that.
  24. I do, too. Now, if we can only figure out the font they use for them... (for the Name That Font folk)