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  1. So with the raves that the Bears 1936 throwbacks are getting, the obvious question is whether they should adopt the jersey striping to their primary jerseys (perhaps just the whites), or should the look be reserved only for the throwback...
  2. They don't have a jet in their logo and they don't play in New York...makes total sense to me.
  3. There's no "getting away" with anything. First of all, there is no more mandatory Color Rush, and a team can have two alternate uniforms, as long as one is designated as a throwback. Note how last year the Bears wore throwback "Monster of the Midway" unis and an alternate orange jersey....neither were considered Color Rush.
  4. Also the pant striping of (both) their throwbacks is aqua-orange-aqua, which was only worn with this uniform in their expansion year of 1966... from 1967 to 1985 the striping was orange-aqua-orange....
  5. Yes, because other than the logo, this set is very similar to their wonderful 1970-71 stripeless set...
  6. There is no requirement to have a Color Rush...teams are allowed to have two alternates, as long as one of them is an official throwback.
  7. They don't and they wont. Why have only one identity to market when you can have two? Classic gear for us old farts, and the modern look for those too young to know who Don Shula even is....
  8. Here's the last time these were worn, Thanksgiving Day 2003 at Dallas... https://www.facebook.com/MiamiDolphinsZone13/videos/836909449800549/
  9. ...said no one
  10. Believe it or not, these are both from the 1972 season...the top being from Super Bowl VII. In 1970 and '71 the Dolphins wore stripeless jerseys, in 1972 they introduced those shown in the bottom photo, with striping and a thin number font. However, many players didn't like the fit and went back the the older jerseys, causing both styles to be on the field at the same time...which is what you see in the top photo. In 1973 new jerseys were again introduced with striping and thicker numbers, which became the standard jersey thru 1986...
  11. Hoping the Bears take a look at their past when wearing their orange alt jerseys this season...navy pants would give it a nice symmetrical look.
  12. The late Frank Robinson in his first spring training with the Orioles (1966), wearing the old uni they changed by the start of the season...
  13. Yes, which only started with the next-to-last regular season game in Baltimore...most lineman and linebackers switched to the "out of the sun" logo, which became the official logo in 1974.