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  1. should have gone with a sky blue alt. that would have set them apart from the rest of the divisional teams
  2. i have seen some interesting hats in my years(use to work in a hat store) but this has to take the cake. http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3012066 this hat comes with logos with velcro backing so you switch them out for other colors at your whim
  3. HatManTC


    I didnt think it was a horrible stadium, not the best ive ever been to, but not bad. i couldnt imagine going to an outdoor game in tampa during the middle of the summer. the heat and humidity would be unbearable.
  4. HatManTC


    Yankees franchise began in 1903. 1st pennant and World Series were both in 1921. I'm so sick and tired of Yankee fans and their "26 rings" B.S. (as I'm sure every fan of baseball is) 17 of those were won before 1958. In the last 50 years, they have 9. Congrats. Have the Rays won the AL East yet? No. Have the Rays had the 1st 11 years that the Marlins, Diamondbacks, and even Rockies have had? Of course not. But are the Rays the best story in baseball this year...and possibly in the past few years? Absolutely. The Rays are what is right about baseball. Anyone who has watched them play, for any length of time this year, knows that. I was a Braves fan before we got a team. I watched the Braves go worst to first in '92, and it wasn't half as fun as this year has been. Yankee fans are just pissed that the final game in their stadium was played on September 21st. [/rant] Yeah, go :censored:ing enjoy your :censored:ing Tampa Bay Rays, it's so funny that Rays fans show up when they finally got a winning season. Yeah, that's nice. Now be consistent, and not 1 year wonders like the Rockies and Browns last year. i went last week to the tuesday Rays vs BOSOX game. you know why they give cowbells to the fans. so they can drowned out the other team's fans cheering. i would be willing to be there were just as many boston fans at that game as there were Rays fans.
  5. cant wait till the new canes sweater becomes available
  6. how long before a ball game do most parks open up? i am going to a Rays game next month and we want to go in and watch BP and hopefully get some autographs. i check the Rays official site and i cant find any information about it. thanks guys
  7. most of the DBs and some of the LBs are wearing white socks. that dont look tooo bad. but all white ftw
  8. i dont like this look at all. i love the all white look. maybe an all brown look but this doesnt look that good.i hope not to see thes again.
  9. i was just curious if there was a rule for this. and found it a bit wonkey too. i figured they would have rules against it being many fans are impressionable and usually want the gear the pros wear. kinda weird seeing one of your favorite players(even when he says overly retarded things about the state he plays in) in the wrong teams clothing.
  10. maybe its because they were wet because of the rain, but does the grey in the shoulder stripes look darker then usual? hard to believe the team hasn't changed their uni's since they came into the league. odd in this day and age and i hate these ugly things
  11. well if you cant play like champs. might as well look like a champion
  12. i just flipped on PTI while they were interviewing Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer walked into frame. the one thing that i found odd about it, was Palmer was wearing a LIONS longsleeve tee. doesnt the nfl have a rule about wearing clothing that isnt for the team you play for? man i wish i had a screen grab.
  13. i actually liked those jerseys a lot. mostly because i actually grew up watching the tribe wear those. anyone know where i can buy one of those. maybe even one i can get customized to say Vaughn or Cerrano?
  14. man i hated the indians one.
  15. i love the tiger through the D logo. shame they dont use it any more