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  1. Personally love the script logo, I agree with TenaciousG though, probably more from a nostalgia standpoint. It is very 90's, and I'm ok with that.
  2. Denver Broncos: They need to go back to Royal blue and have a more traditional striping pattern. I'd like to see them keep the current primary, but replace that stupid robohorse secondary logo with an updated version of the D logo. Along the lines of this concept. Sorry, can't seem to add the pictures. This concept doesn't address it, but would like to see orange more prominently on the road as well. The current roads are predominantly blue from when they were wearing blue jerseys as primary.
  3. I don't find this logo appealing at all. First off, that secondary logo of theirs just needs to see the bottom of a trash bin. Second, shoehorning it into a D just doesn't work. Also not fond of the shape of that D, it's too square. Lastly, when you think of Colorado, one of the things is bright blue skies, I'd go with more of a royal blue to match. Like the striping pattern and font.
  4. As a life long Broncos fan I really wish they would scrap the navy! I say follow your instincts and go with a brighter blue. Colorado is characterized by bright blue skies, it baffles me they continue to stick with such a dark, drab shade of blue. I'd love it if they went almost to more of a Boise St blue. I like the return to a more traditional uniform and love the updated D logo. For me, I love that logo more than their new, but I like the new better on the helmet if that makes sense. Would love to see Denver uses this logo as a prominent secondary logo.
  5. I don’t know. While I really appreciate the creativity of it, I feel the monogram is off. The E could almost read as an F and the whole symmetry is way off when in the diamond. Furthermore, if you’re bent on using the tree frog I’d almost rather have the identity flipped. Tree Frogs being the name and maybe EC as the secondary. JMO of course. I hate criticizing any of your designs as they’re in general just fantastic.
  6. Wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve perused the concepts forum. This thread is a delight. I love all the identities but the Mets one stands out to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a Husker fan and like the simple two tone uniforms. 1 color and white. It’s not my favorite name per se, but the whole thing is just great.
  7. I know the Denver rumor is likely false. I haven’t seen or heard anything about the switching. But I would absolutely love it if they did this. Minus the chrome face mask.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the new monogram, especially the gap between the C and R. Did you consider maybe just having a C? It's such a thick font that I think just having a C would fill plenty of space on the hat. Not exactly in love with the font though. Love dropping black completely, good call. Like the overall uniform aesthetic. On the word mark, the spacing in the ROCKIES is really bothering me, it rather looks more like R O CKIES to me.
  9. The coolest thing I've seen for the Browns, hands down. Would you be thinking of this as a helmet logo too? I'd like to see uni's and whatnot for this.
  10. I can nitpick with Nebraska. Hate the slashes thru the stripes, not enough red, why does grey or black have to be added to everything? Other than that, one of their better looks. Someone on the Husker board was trying to tell me (when I took exception to the stripe slashes) that it's because their logo is 3 stripes. Um. okay. Not sure I buy that one. Even if I did it's still a lame design element.
  11. Buffalo: Perfect Miami: Love the inclusion of more orange, would change the facemask to aqua though and I think the numbers would look better outlined in orange. Jets: Love the jersey but it seems out of place striping wise with the helmet and pants. I think it would look better if the helmet and pants striping mimicked the jersey. Also agree that the NY needs something. Pats: I have never understood silver for them. They should be RW&B imo. Not sure I like the difference in the jersey and pants striping.
  12. They don't paint field turf. The "grass" is manufactured in that color. Then they come in and shave out the numbers and place them in. Same with the word marks and logos.
  13. I'd love to see this on a more current template. This is pretty darn good, not sure on the orange facemask, would have to see it on the field to make a determination on that.
  14. I couldn't disagree more, I think there was plenty of contrast between the old blue and the orange. But I wouldn't mind more of a Boise State blue, little richer of a royal blue but not the near black that the navy is. That's what drives me nuts about their current shade. Just way too dark.