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  1. great work! Werrrryy great!

  2. The phantom yoke is stupid, the blue without borders gets muddied up and lost in the black, and while I like the idea of the logo, the execution looks weird. That said, I was expecting much worse, so I'm happy with it.
  3. ColorWerx pleace help! I think that the colors differ from the official national flag colors. Were there any changes in color on: Canada national team in 1960th Superseries vs Soviet 1972 Canada Cup Last Olympic crest colors Junior teams (Blue (1970th) and Red) USA Miracle on the ice Last Olympic (red and blue)
  4. Be patient my friend, everything will be done
  5. Zero, To begin, I would be completely restored all the logos and then made uniform.
  6. That was fast. If you really want a challenge (I don't feel forced to do these if you don't want to), check out the long-lost 10th anniversary logo for the Val D'Or Foreurs The logo incorporates the two President's Cups the team won in 1997?98 and in 2000?01. This is the only photos I've ever seen of this patch. Done Guys, no problem. I am always happy to help. The question of priority.
  7. Done
  9. Colleagues, work in process.... next week relised high resolution logo (Crest and shoulder patch)
  10. God job!!! I love this logo!!! Real material for 3rd jersey! Fantastic....