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  1. Hahaha the dismayed tiger. This would probably be my choice as well.
  2. Well the New York Yankees uniform just got a bit more cluttered. In tribute of the passing of Yankee player, coach and manager Ralph Houk, the Yankees will wear a black armband on the left sleeve, under the Bob Sheppard patch.
  3. After seeing the George Steinbenner and Bob Sheppard patches added to the New York Yankees page on, I've noticed a few other things that needed to be added/changed on that page. The original Lon Keller Yankees tophat logo from 1947 The real cap logo....currently the print logo is depicted, which is incorrect And the new logos comemmorating the Yankees 27th World Championship
  4. The Islanders page on needs to be updated. The navy blue crest is no longer the primary logo (for obvious reasons.) The royal crest, used as an alternate from 08-10 is now the primary logo.
  5. Wow, two Yankee giants gone in 3 days. A very sad time for the New York Yankees family....I assume they'll do a patch with a microphone a'la Tom Cheeck as mentioned above. I wonder if they'll give the Boss a simple black armband (which the Yankees customarily use) or make another patch and put it elsewhere on the jersey. I think another patch would be pretty interesting. They could get pretty creative for Steinbrenner too.
  6. The Islanders can't do anything right. They're trying to milk some ticket and jerseys sales out of dynasty nostalgia, but they don't even go with the dynasty uniforms. What's the word on the stripes remaining on the right shoulder? Also, that nameplate could use some glue. Just like the 72-95 jerseys, there are no shoulder patches. Overall, it's a nice jersey. Yes the crest outline is a pet peeve of mine, I can get over it.
  7. That's probably because of the lack of an outer blue trim around the crest as originally designed. Whether the Islanders intended it that way, I have no idea. I don't know if they're indeed using their home jersey crests on their away jerseys or if crests featuring an outer blue trim simply didn't arrive in time for the big unveiling. We'll find out in October. Andrew, Terry Goldstein, the Director of Retail Operations for the Islanders (who is basically the head honcho when it comes to uniform design for the Isles) just emailed me. He said the new road jersey is indeed modeled after the 76-77 Islanders jersey. Strange they would set their sights on a jersey only worn for one year as their inspiration, as opposed to going to the dynasty design with the blue border around the crest. Weird. Anyway, I hope this clears up your question. If you have any other questions regarding the uniforms or details, I guess you can email him at'm sure he'll answer any questions (pertaining to helmet decals, socks, or anything else)
  8. As reported by Icethetics, the Islanders new road jersey has been rather obviously revealed in a video about their logo and jersey history Here's the video:
  9. Haha, no harm done. I was kidding around too. I probably shouldn't have put an angry face though... Yeah, it seems that the blue and orange are a bit lighter.
  10. As long as it's not the Gordan Fish Sticks guy, I'm game. But really, their is only, what, twelve Isles fans in the whole country anyway, so who care? I beg to differ . lol. I can understand where you're coming from though, I mean it's not like we play in a state of the art arena in the heart of Metropolis. But yes the Islanders are making their royal alts the new home jerseys and creating a white jersey to match. The new road jersey will be a carbon copy of the dynasty-era white jersey plus laces at the collar.
  11. noooo, I really liked the current YES graphics. I also liked the old pre/post game studio before they remodled it.
  12. It's kinda wierd to see my school mentioned on a sports logos forum Go Firebirds!
  13. +1. From everything said here, 'gueman' gave the best reply. Roman Catholicism possesses many "Orders", he named two, but notable ones which may also be known include Franciscans and Benedictine, yet there are more. The Congregation of Holy Cross has Portland and Notre Dame as sister schools, but their colors are different. This is where I think the whole blue and gold scheme comes from. Notre Dame du Lac is French for "Our Lady of the Lake" obviously referring to Mary, and as mentioned earlier, blue is a symbol of her virginity. My high school is run by the Marianists (Society of Mary) and therefore have felt a connection to the use of blue for that reason.
  14. My high school uses royal blue and gold as their colors.
  15. I think all or most of the NHL jersey crests were layered instead of embroidered back in the day. I have an "Authentic" 79-80 Mitchell and Ness Islanders jersey, and the only thing embroidered is the Island itself. Each individual letter, as well as the NY with the puck and stick.