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  1. Oops, sorry...I didn't mean to include all those pics. Sorry. EDIT: Fixed!
  2. Hey Anubis! I'm "The House That Ruth Built" from BBF. Glad to see you created a similar thread over there!
  3. The Oilers replaced all their old banners with new ones 5 years ago (don't worry, they didn't change them, they're just made of a material that doesn't break down and lose its colour over time), and they auctioned off all the old ones for charity. That's too bad the team didn't hold onto them and just placed them in their training facility or something like that. In my opinion, the original banners are just as important as any championship trophy itself. The Islanders replaced the Retired numbers banners, but the Stanley Cup banners are originals. I believe they gave the retired number banners to the players.
  4. Would you be able to make Islanders banners like this????
  5. Are the blue and the orange banners in the back Division and Conference championships? The blue, white and orange banners are for the Conference, Divison and Presidents Trophy championships. The Stanley Cup and retired number banners are at the other end of the arena.
  6. Tavares will leave his mark on Long Island, you'll see.
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