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  1. It's the original Under Armour logo, which they've started using again on some throwback gear.
  2. All Nike "contract" schools (Swoosh patch instead of embroidered Swoosh) get physical samples of all on-field uniforms in every sport. Nike "partner" schools get digital proofs.
  3. If you take a look at the fine print of the Florida and Oklahoma contracts (you may have to do a little digging but both are public record and online), it's written in there that each will be the only school in the SEC and Big12 respectively to wear the Jordan brand during the duration of the contracts. Other schools are permitted to order Jordan apparel for postseason gift packages and a coach wearing Jordan shoes and apparel does not put them in violation of a Nike contract, but no other school in each of those conferences will have Jordan as their primary provider.
  4. The NCAA requires teams to bring both sets regardless. When I worked with a program over a decade ago, there was no chance that we would wear our white uniforms in a Final Four situation as the low seed overall, but we had to bring them with us (and to the administrative meeting) in case something happened to the higher seed's white uniforms or something like that. The NCAA applies the patches either on-site at the arena or at the host hotel.
  5. Titans Director of Broadcasting Mike Keith confirmed the logo will not change during his weekly appearance on our station. The uniform talk starts at the 17:50 mark: https://audioboom.com/posts/6633959-mike-keith-2-1-18
  6. With the exception of 6 games wearing gray and one in black, Tennessee has worn basically the same uniforms for every game since the 1930s. How is that not a "classic look?"
  7. We didn't get the annoying white piping on the jersey, but adidas inflicted a horrible thick strip on the home pants as well:
  8. My information on this came directly from someone that was involved in the negotiations. As valuable as the real estate is on the front, the value of two logos over one was higher to Nike. This was long before the financial terms were agreed upon.
  9. Nike was given the option of one logo on the front only or a logo on each sleeve. They elected to keep the sleeves.
  10. His point is that if they have been discontinued at retail, then it's likely there is a change coming on the field.
  11. My information comes from a Nike school's equipment manager. Several schools got Jordan gear this year, but it was at the discretion of the coaches/equipment guys that place the orders, not a direction from Nike. You'll see this again when the NCAA basketball tournament rolls around. Nike contract teams receive new on-court gear as part of Nike's postseason line, but they can order new travel gear for the teams out of a Nike postseason catalog that will include options from Jordan. It's always been that way.
  12. Jordan warmups were available to all of the contract Nike schools for bowl gear this year. Most went with standard Nike, but several selected Jordan. Nothing to read into there.
  13. Well, I can tell you the response from people locally, you know, the ones actually affected by the fires, was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the idea to wear the uniforms came from those affected by the fires as a way to continue to bring awareness to disaster relief. The school and the team have made many "calls to action" for volunteering and donations, including busloads of student-athletes going up to Gatlinburg with supplies and spending numerous hours serving the community there. UT was active in local fundraisers for the victims as well. But, by all means, make a judgment based on one graphic without having any idea on the rest of the story.
  14. The NFL's contracts with the apparel companies has always specified logo placement on the sleeves, dating back to when they first inserted the language in the 1990s. The current deal with Nike also has the logo only on the sleeve of all sideline gear, rather than the front. The difference with football is that there are currently two logos on the jersey, where in other sports there is just one (or, in the NBA's case, none). So the debate would be, is one logo on the front more valuable than two logos? I would say that in football, the sleeve placement is more valuable because in the average photo of a play, you can see many sleeves, but may not see the front/chest of more than one player. I think Nike would choose two logos per jersey over one, regardless of placement.
  15. I believe you will see them remove the black from the home unis next year.
  16. Nope. I spent the last two years working in a school's communications office and not one of our accounts was handled by anyone other than a full-time staff member. I can't think of a school that has an intern or student handle its social media accounts. Certainly, there are other job responsibilities in addition to social media, but nobody is leaving social media to interns anymore.
  17. Fanatics is already doing this with the NFL "Pro Line" jerseys that they sell on their site. The NHL replica jerseys will be the same as the current replicas in terms of how close they are to the on-ice product. I'm surprised that adidas is giving up this space completely. Under Armour is doing a split deal with Fanatics for MLB that will still have the UA branding on the Fanatics-made replicas. Even though they have the supply chain already in place with the Reebok products, hockey jerseys are a big-margin product like NFL and NBA jerseys, so I'm not surprised at the deal they made, just surprised adidas didn't keep a piece of it.
  18. I don't know, but man I miss that place. The buy/sell/trade forum was awesome, but I LOVED seeing people's new pickups.
  19. The sublimation technique used on the new Arizona uniforms came from Under Armour. Not sure if they actually designed them, but they had a hand in those disasters.
  20. I'm almost certain that this deal will end the tradition of the fan authentic jerseys being the exact same product as what's on the field. If I had to speculate, it will be similar to the current Nike NFL setup where the on-field and authentics use the exact same materials, but the on-field jerseys are manufactured in the USA and the retail jerseys will be mass-produced overseas. We'll see, I know some teams were concerned about that.
  21. My source on the manufacturer/contractor change is a person that worked at Wilson at the time. The custom font was a chnage Reebok made when they took over, but couldn't get implemented until the ACO set came through. It's possible, since the Wilson logo was a patch (Would have been the W/S patch) and the Reebok vector was a direct sew, but I haven't seen evidence of that on gamers from that era. There was a guy on the old Next Level Talk forum that had 4 or 5 of the 50th anniversary gamers, I think all of them from before the change. I know that Wilson did the embroidery of the Reebok logo in their factory before they were shipped to the 49ers, so no one would have ever seen them with the Wilson logo, other than samples for the team.
  22. It's bigger than just saying that. It's MLB consolidating the on-and off-field apparel contracts currently held by every company not named New Era. That put Majestic at a decided disadvantage to Under Armour, who already produces a wide line of performance products and can easily fill the roles and spaces once held by Nike, adidas and others. Fanatics has the ability to take the blank products produced by UA, house them at its distribution facilities, and customize/ship them in one day. It takes the middle man out of the equation for Fanatics. They've been working on this for a couple of years and almost did this same deal with UA and the NBA. This is Fanatics' end game, to control every element of a league's apparel marketing and distribution, even for products not sold through their outlets. This is also a huge shot to Lids, who did much of the distribution work for Majestic.
  23. No, they never had Wilson logos on them. Wilson was just the manufacturer, they put the Reebok logos on all the on-field products the 49ers wore. Wilson would go on to manufacture some of the Adidas on-field NFL jerseys for the Bucs, Patroits and the 49ers (again) and all of the Logo Athletic on-field jerseys at their Nashville-area factory.
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