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  1. I'd be surprised if the XFL went with Nike or Adidas. Probably a tier two apparel company such as Russell ala the AAF or Wilson.
  2. Hmmm...that Seattle dragon reminds me a little too much of the UAB dragon.
  3. Arkansas should just go back to the darker shade of the 60s. But instead of comparisons to Oklahoma, people will complain that it's too close to Alabama.
  4. That red sometimes looks red, magenta or light pink. I can't figure it out.
  5. Imagine describing that script for the video.... "Three fully decked out Miami football players come out of the ocean and run onto the beach...." "Yeah..that'll work."
  6. Yup. Reminds me of how the grass looks in the winter in West Texas.
  7. True. More than likely before they started putting their little bell icon on the jerseys. But that shade of orange was great. During the adidas years and now Nike, I think the shade of orange they are using is too light.
  8. True. I was watching the 1991 Sugar Bowl (Tennessee vs Virginia) on ESPN Classic a few days ago and that old simple Tennessee uni was pretty darn good to look at. I have no idea who made those because there was no manufacturer's mark anywhere on the jerseys. It was before Sports Belle and Adidas. But they looked really good.
  9. Good to see Kelme i still hanging around in the top flight of Spanish football. Always liked their gear. *Nods in agreement* Yikes. I prefer last year's Adidas version.
  10. Hmmm...sounds like Acerbis. Trying to break in to football, but known more for other sports.
  11. Isn't black at least a trim color with Temple? Agree that gray has no business anywhere near any team except Washington State and maybe some of the teams that use silver and can kind of get away with using gray.
  12. Love that old, classic crest on the home version.
  13. Had no idea they were leaving New Balance for Nike.