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  1. That logo is a joke, especially the whole "V" look forcefully place on it, just trying to be like the Golden Knights. Meet your newest member of the Kamen Masked Rider!
  2. big news from Coyotes about the 3rd jersey
  3. The Cup patch replaced the Inaugural Season patch.
  4. Also defining feature of the Golden Knights's helmet, minus the shield part.
  5. You forgot Panthers, Senators, Blackhawks, Capitals, Blue Jackets (w/ red accents), and Vegas Golden Knights (w/ red accents)...
  6. Only thing I can think of a team in NHL is the Boston Bruin that have used this colour scheme for limited time and it look appealing... Instead of Black, they used dark brown. And this one to make the bear stands out
  7. I'm fine with the Green and Blue for Seattle, Hence why they are called the Evergreen State. I can see more green and less blue, like Hartford for example.
  8. Why can't they put the NHL shield inside the white part, that would improve the clutter a bit.. But still, the whole toilet seat collar are terrible.
  9. Just to be fair... Aside from the awful collars, the road is perfect, home not so much..
  10. Same goes with Nashville, I'm not sure if you have noticed.. The whole yellow collars are a different shade compare to the rest of the jerseys. So weird....
  11. You know what's interesting... I noticed some teams are not doing perforated numbers on their Adidas jerseys... I thought why not to put these together... Especially, people who wanted their jerseys to be the same as the players. Via from reddit and getty Teams with Solid numbers: Penguins Both Canucks and Caps look solid Red Wings, Solid Sabres etc.... Teams with perforated numbers: Golden Knights Oilers Senators Blue Jackets Panthers Stars
  12. I love it, I think it's a beauty! It balances the whole set perfectly well!
  13. Someone bought a game worn jersey and this is the only way to identify if it is genuine... The fabric is indeed made in Canada.