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  1. Found it...”During Jim Owens' tenure, an outstanding defensive player was awarded the honor of wearing a purple helmet. Rick Redman, an All-American linebacker in the 1960s, wore one. It was rather intimidating for the opposing quarterback to stand behind his center and see this lone purple-helmeted player staring him down before each play. In 1973 and 1974, Owens' last two seasons, the entire team wore purple helmets.” there are pics pics online to if you search it...I could not get it to post.
  2. And there was a time when the Huskies wore purple and gold shells at the same time during game action. If I remember correctly the players wore purple as a reward the rest of the team wore gold helmets. The only thing the missed was pant stripes for the DJ era. Much improved and as a Husky Alumnus I am happy they moved to a darker purple. FYI- the 90s Purple was bad because the used yellow not gold. Plus really when you think UW you envision Gold shells with purple W’s.
  3. Our Limited Edition Shirts are being printed...remember to vote!
  4. I would love to see the Mariners use something like this logo from http://supernaturalsandwiches.com/ rid the trident and find a different solution or flip the trident so it is the “lucky” way. The down trident needs to go...
  5. LA Condors Miami Deco Minnesota Freeze Salt Lake Pioneers Boston Riders i can keep going but it is a hobby to think of names or tittles to Childrens Books..
  6. Mustache not working. Needs a bit more of a Monopoly style. Maybe top lip needs to be hidden by the ‘Stache
  7. Voting is happening now: https://customkings.harley-davidson.com/en_US/bike_detail/186
  8. So my high school students made this bike with a local Harley-Davidson dealership. https://customkings.harley-davidson.com/en_US/bike_detail/186. It was awesome for students and staff. So much so, the dealership wants to do it again regardless of the requirements of HD. This year HD required a tech school or high school requirement. We are only one of 3 public high schools doing the project. Please vote for us (Sedro-Woolley HS) it will continue to help kids. FYI we are the only high school to do this project and build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Look us up if you want to see a group of students that make an impact on their community everyday. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  9. So my students got the opportunity to work with North Cascades Harley-Davidson and customize a bike with their pros. Thought I would post it here. At some point their entry will be done in the Battle of the Kings. I figured I would share their end product after ripping her down, redesigning and building her back up. More photos and videos if you go to Sedro-Woolley High School CTE Department under Projects
  10. Need a rockfish tie in on the kraken or Fathoms. Not really but thought it might be an interesting tweak.
  11. Fathoms- I think of eyes in the midst of that Puget Sound green merky water. Nuclear Subs, Sea Wolves, Dog Fish, the Underground, Octopi and search for the Northwest passage. Somewhere in that is a Fathom!
  12. Seattle Fathoms or Trappers - yep I am posting it here. Not in the current mentions or trademarks but maybe need a change of course. I am a big fan of the Fathoms ties nautically plus to the “Seattle Underground” .