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  1. I think these will look really good on the players. Don't love the number font (don't hate it either) and the lack of TV numbers, but I really dig the simplicity. When you're working with tiger stripes, less is more. Hopefully the pants aren't ridiculous.
  2. Really am hoping for a Jaguars throwback for several reasons, but one reason would be seeing how the full body cat would fit on a modern cut of uniform. I am skeptical.
  3. With all due respect, what message board do you think you’re on?
  4. https://twitter.com/Ben_Baby/status/1363932128325558277/photo/1 Bengals will not change the helmet
  5. Right? It’s happening regardless, the social media team just trying to get a little engagement.
  6. As a Jags fan, we were rooting for a lot of L's last year, and we just got another one! We currently are now looking at "L Is Primary." which just about confirms it for me.
  7. Teal Primary back in Jacksonville? The team has been unusually active today on Twitter, especially for February. Fans noticed that the first word of each of the last 7 tweets spell out the word "Primary" So now we wait.
  8. Listen, I hate the Titans with every fiber of my being. If I had 2 bullets and was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and the Titans, I would shoot the Titans twice. However, saying the Titans is a generic name is insane considering the actual generic sports names not only in the NFL, but all sports. Titans is far from generic.
  9. The only thing Nike has done on par with this :censored: show is the 2013 Jaguars Two-Tone Helmet and the 2014 Buccaneers Font. The “Bone” uniform contends for the worst look in the NFL. Yes, that includes the Falcons FUBU jersey. Who thought “Bone” with white accent horns (is that what those are?) made any sense? The segmented horn is terrible. Turning the horns on the home uniform into strange segmented stripes is awful. The random patch looked bad enough without the zigzag stitching above it. The random pull tag on the back of the neck. How the HELL are gradient numbers the least offensive thing about these?! Disaster.
  10. Is the shoulder stripe tie-dye?! Wtf am I looking at?
  11. Gradient numbers on the home uniforms and "Bone" colored away? What an f'ing mess, if this is true.
  12. Echoing what a lot have already said; this set desperately needs silver/gray pants. Mono Navy will get old, fast. Still think it's an upgrade to get rid of all the goofy piping and side panels.
  13. To me, the Falcons are a Black, Gray and Red team. That’s who they were when I grew up and I think what looks best. I was really hoping for a return to the Dirty Bird era with Gray pants. Not doing that bummed me out but I was willing to give them a chance with what they came up with. Oh boy. Here we go. Helmet: Upgrade. I actually think the satin finish and logo size work. Jersey: The ATL is comically large. It’s laugh out loud bad. The number font isn’t good, but I’d describe it as passable. The gradient Jersey is everything that’s wrong with “modern Uniform design”. It’s garish and frankly embarrassing that a pro team would wear it. The same level of shame I felt watching my Jaguars wear that dumbass 2 tone helmet will be felt by Falcons fans when they wear this. Pants: Actually good! Simple enough stripe that pairs well with the logo. Socks: For the love of god, don’t match sock and pant color, but who am I kidding? Far from a “Falcons thing” Throwback: Beautiful. I’d prefer Gray pants, but they look like a professional football team in these.
  14. Outside of the Pewter set and the Alt. Pewter pants, this is a great update (downdate?). Going forward, the Bucs are going to look like the Bucs should.
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