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  1. Home run so far from the Chargers. Such a small change, but such a huge difference. Can't wait to see the uniforms.
  2. Nailed the colors. LA logo isn't good. I hate the gradient. Ram head is a Solid C+, but there is so much room for improvement. This reveal has me worried that we're gonna see a ton of gradients on the uniform.
  3. The one thing that should've been off limits, so of course they did. Terrible.
  4. The yellow face mask is incredible. LOVE that helmet now. And as others have said, move the back to San Diego now.
  5. Helmet: I'm very happy they went back to a green shell. Might look better with a white facemask, but black is hardly egregious since they incorporated it into their set. Helmet logo could be better, but it's fine. Jersey: Never have been a fan of the large city name across the chest look. that's really the only drawback for me though. Nice simple, modern designs are always winners for me and the Green and White jerseys accomplish that. Pants: Really not a huge fan. Looks a bit goofy. Last year I wished the Jags set had a pants stripe, but after seeing over and over and over again how bad Nike is at pants stripes, I guess I'm fine with the plain Worst Thing About The Set: The black jerseys are horrific. Burn them at the stake. Overall: Solid B-B+. Good update. Can't wait to see the real test once they get on the field and play with them.
  6. Let's not get carried away. The Knicks still play there.
  7. I think I see it. Between Darnold and Adams heads. Also might be a building?
  8. Gonna wait until the official reveal to fully judge them, but I THINK I like it. The black jersey its absolute trash, but hopefully that's just a once or twice a year thing.
  9. A handful of these are fantastic, but the majority are pure garbage.
  10. I like it quite a bit. It's a natural update and certainly an upgrade. I'd have preferred the old school "Jets" wordmark with the jet on top to make a comeback, but this is totally fine.
  11. This sounds like BS. Especially since it came from Reddit. I remember last year around this time an "insider" "hacked" into Nike's site and described the Titans uniforms. Ended up being extremely wrong. This smells similar.
  12. Not to beat a dead horse, but wearing colors inspired from the flag and wearing the flag are two very different things.
  13. The only places on this list I haven't been are Portland and Seattle. Honest to god have never seen New Yorkers repping NYC flags on any merch, Los Angeles is all about the California state flag, just like Denver is more about the Colorado state flag, as opposed to the city flag. Don't want to jack this thread anymore with ugly flags though. Here's to a Jets leak coming this weekend.