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  1. A handful of these are fantastic, but the majority are pure garbage.
  2. I like it quite a bit. It's a natural update and certainly an upgrade. I'd have preferred the old school "Jets" wordmark with the jet on top to make a comeback, but this is totally fine.
  3. This sounds like BS. Especially since it came from Reddit. I remember last year around this time an "insider" "hacked" into Nike's site and described the Titans uniforms. Ended up being extremely wrong. This smells similar.
  4. Not to beat a dead horse, but wearing colors inspired from the flag and wearing the flag are two very different things.
  5. The only places on this list I haven't been are Portland and Seattle. Honest to god have never seen New Yorkers repping NYC flags on any merch, Los Angeles is all about the California state flag, just like Denver is more about the Colorado state flag, as opposed to the city flag. Don't want to jack this thread anymore with ugly flags though. Here's to a Jets leak coming this weekend.
  6. Yeah. Pretty sure it says I don't give a crap about city flags. The city I live in is plenty big. Chicago is the only city flag I can even picture without google. State flags are another thing, obviously.
  7. The city flag idea is so awful, I can't believe it actually made through to production. Who the hell has any pride in their city flag? I honestly didn't even know what my own city's flag was. I had to google it...
  8. I'm actually pretty excited for this unveiling. "boring" is always better than "*75 fire emojis*" It may not be a popular opinion, but I think black as an accent color could end up being a really good thing for them. Also could be a disaster depending on how it's used.
  9. Bingo. Remember when the Jaguar head was going to be all white because of some Instagram posts?
  10. Do you know the rules about usage if you have 2 alternates? Would this allow teams to wear alts more than 3 times or is it still 3 times total between the two alts?
  11. Bills are going all white throwbacks, not Red on Red. Jags only option is Black tops as they've very sadly used up Teal for the year.
  12. Jaguars wearing Teal tops, Black pants. This is the 3rd time in Teal meaning Teal on Teal will be the only uniform combination not seen this season.
  13. Couple of thoughts from my first time watching the '18 Titans live; 1.) Those two toned shoulders are bad. Keep it one color (should be columbia blue) and it would've been acceptable. The two colors just looks stupid. 2.) Still don't like the number font, but it's not Tampa Bay Buccaneer bad. 3.) The pants stripe is my favorite part of the redesign. It's a unique element that actually looks good on a modern uniform. 4.) That logo does NOT belong on a dark background. It looks best with a background of columbia blue or white. That's why the helmet doesn't work for me. 5.) Don't think I'll ever understand the half stripe pit stains.
  14. This just isn't true though. They only thing on the Jaguars uniform more basic then traditional looks would be the pants. They have a unique sock stripe, unique sleeve stripe, a unique collar design and a patch on the heart. That is either more OR on par with all of the most traditional looks in the league.
  15. Just FYI, the Nike check on the front facing shot on the left side is black instead of teal. Just letting you know in case you're a perfectionist like me. Great work on these!
  16. I meant the pants they currently wear that say "Browns" down the leg
  17. Disagree. Bringing back a vibrant Kelly Green would make them stand out very much. Not everything needs the added "nike fire!". That's what creates things like a two-toned helmet, the Buccaneers & Titans number fonts, the Browns contrast stitching, and the Browns pants.
  18. Panthers teasing finally putting their logo at Midfield under new ownership https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/1024329045612347392
  19. That black side panel is so horrible. Who would clear such a horrible idea?
  20. Good news. It isn't like the Jets current look is terrible, but they are a little drab and have a bad logo. They need to embrace a brighter green, and tweak the oval/or go back to the JETS wordmark logo. Here's to hoping Nike keeps it simple ?
  21. This thread has shown me apparently I really like what you guys consider "bland".
  22. Don't know if it's just me but a throwback that is exactly the same as your current uniform sans the patch and with block font is a pretty lame throwback. Don't get me wrong, the 70's digs are a great look. It's just not different enough from what they always wear.
  23. Jaguars new helmet in action durings OTAs It's SO beautiful
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