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  1. Jerry Rice looks like a turtle in full pads at his age. Besides that, uniforms are nice and clean. Glad it's not the full time look, but it's definitely fun for a couple games.
  2. I really wish Nike replicas looked like what Ngakoue and Campbell wore during the draft. The length of the sleeves really bothers me on the replicas. The shorter sleeves look so much better.
  3. The numbers get skinnier every time I see them. Also that flame is mighty close to the sword stripe.
  4. 1.) We're looking at pictures of replica's from snapchat & IG, they almost certainly have filters on them. 2.) Jaguars outline might be a bit fatter.
  5. I think contrast stitching can look good in certain places (like on a car seat). I don't believe it can ever look good on a uniform.
  6. I still think the Columbia pit stains are the absolute worst thing about these. This angle helps my argument.
  7. We goin' to the Super Bowl and we gonna win that bitch!
  8. You joined this site yesterday and managed to be a dick in less than 10 posts. Congrats.
  9. There are more pictures on twitter here. 5 Players. 2 are wearing white, 2 are wearing teal, 1 is wearing black. Take that however you'd like.
  10. Not even really worth watching, but here's the last teaser.
  11. It's also not an official rendering. Conrad did a great job whipping these together, but I'm sure there will be some inaccuracies.
  12. Hah. That's quite a visual. At least you stay on brand with your user name.
  13. Yeah, without the sleeve caps, yellow collar, leather shoulders, 3 different outlines on the front numbers vs the shoulder numbers vs the names on the back, the floating trapezoid pants and shield logo. totally the same
  14. Very true. Imagine posting a rendering of the Giants home uniform for opinion. It's legitimately just a blue shirt with white numbers, but it looks really great in action.
  15. Those mock ups are so so close to a home run, but it looks like they settled for a double. I agree with everybody, there needs to be a small splash of gold somewhere. But honestly I really dig the look. I wan't teal to be the primary but I understand that probably won't happen.
  16. It has been one of the worst sets the past 5 years. I'm not sure why anybody is saying it's any good all of the sudden. The only looks that I found passable were White/Black or Teal/Black.
  17. Looks like someone in the Jags organization hated the two-tone so much they had to photoshop them out of the picture on the players offseason binders. You can see the division where the gold used to be and they are clearly wearing the old jerseys.
  18. You what now?!?! It's the worst design element in NFL history imo
  19. Take a look at their IG feed. Everything is draped in teal. Preseason schedule, Poz retirement board, even the FA signing you mention had the board 80% teal. https://www.instagram.com/jaguars/?hl=en
  20. Yeah, it honestly makes ZERO sense to run this type of marketing just to end up with a black primary uniform. Really strange. But then again this is the team that wore a half matte black, half gloss gold helmet for the last 5 years.
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