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  1. OK adding to ColorWerx version, but going Full Purple Helmet + Yellow Base Ring (ONE CAVEAT: this is a simply cut and paste hatchet job just to give everyone an idea of what this would look like -- so it's not going to be "perfect"): My god. I love it.
  2. Every logo change ever has fans of said team acting like morons. Even such a tiny tweek like this Vikings logo has fans questioning their fandom. Pretty hilarious.
  3. ColorWerx, that is a grand slam. Gorgeous.
  4. Yesss! Hate that the yellow of the helmet and hair match.
  5. i think jags are wtf based on the description The "Oh wow, what the hell?" is in the category of what the Panthers changes were. The logo is beautiful, but it's just so different from the previous one, and quite frankly, it looks like something other than what it's intended to look like. the panthers makes me think it the Jags logo, different from the previous one, which is is. The something other than what its intended to look like could be the leaked dolphin looking like a "whale" Maybe, but I think changing the position of the Dolphin so drastically would cause a wtf reaction. Who knows.
  6. No. the 'What Changed?' is the Bucs. CDixon already confirmed that. This must be the modernization. Jags more realistic. Dolphins, WTF
  7. Yeah he jokes openly about how bush league the atmosphere was down there and how it sucks to play there once you've played in a decent football market before, and how crappy the coaching was and they basically just handed him a ton of money to do nothing. That's besides the point - goddam that's a great jersey. Look at the gold. Look at it. Look, goddammit, look. Not suprised for 2 reasons. 1.) Jack Del Rio IS bush league. He was a bozo. 2.) Hugh Douglas is a lazy bum and got his ass beat by T.O.
  8. Who Douglas. Bum. He once said his time in Jacksonville was a "paid vacation".
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