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  1. who is the next team to announce changes and when?
  2. whats the next jersey announcement anyone? we had the mariners teal indians semi revamp and the nats change
  3. i instantly thought reds home jerseys when i saw the new nats home jerseys too
  4. that cover is for the ps3 and 360 gets the pumped up tebow which i dont like as much
  5. i heard that the twins releases are this upcoming week
  6. I believe they started doing this last February. I was at a game last season, and I noticed the lighter color in the Isles logo. The reason for this is, in 2010-11, the Islanders will return to the thirds as a full time home jersey, and introducing a new road jersey, remenicent of the original uniform set of 1972-73. makes more sense now and i dont see why they just didnt do the new logo at the same time not just change in the middle of the season
  7. islanders should just pick one logo because the only change is color between the "alernate" and primary they should have an islander on a 3rd jersey
  8. pirates just got a new jersey last year that i like, they should have the outlined p hat as the default hat in every game with an alernate hat with yellow brim maybe
  9. final friday in november is when its released?
  10. too bad half the jerseys that come out arent worth the wait whos jerseys are we waiting on?
  11. warriors need to go back to the look before the actual warrior new sixers jerseys shown on wednesday and rockets alternates too
  12. tomorrow we shall find out the new bobcats jersey/logo what have you