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  1. So hoping that "GOALS FOR KIDS" will replace the team name on one of those shoulder logos.
  2. Not often (or ever) that you see a full yellow (gold) uniform from head to toe, but the Toronto Bulldogs wore just that the recent Brick Novice Invitational in Edmonton: Here's some more pics: Brick Invitational at WEM's Ice Palace
  3. I'm far too lazy to do so myself, but can someone put together a quick side by side comparison of the old logo and the new, as well as a similar comparison of the wordmarks...? Thanks in advance....
  4. So, how long until we all start calling them the Blue Wings?
  5. you LIKE that? They took your famed logo, slapped on an all-white template and added the stripes. They didn't design an interesting jersey or anything like that...too each his own. I guess my opinion of these wouldn't be in this thread it wasn't unpopular...
  6. Love the Oilers current set (minus the gawdy throwback). For a franchise with an annoying habit of wanting to wallow in their own history, this is, for once, a bold step forward into the future. Would love to see Taylor Hall raise the Stanley Cup one day wearing these.
  7. I 100% agree with you. Couldn't stand the baggy jerseys of the later CCM era. I've also become used to (and, indeed, like) most of the Edge jersey designs. If anything, the slimmer fit makes the retro jerseys used around the league look much better and more like the original jerseys that they are mimicking. Take a note, MLB - baggy polyester pullovers do not an accurate tribute make.
  8. I think it was a ploy on behalf of the Gund family:
  9. The various members of Genesis were known to wear some NHL jerseys back in the day. Observe some of the posts on this short thread : Genesis wearing hockey jerseys
  10. I've actually been won over by the new Oilers' jerseys. Maybe because it represents the current (and, for the time being, unsuccessful) youth movement on the team, maybe because all I can think about when I see their old jerseys is them losing the Cup to Carolina while wearing them. But honestly? As a slim, slightly dapper young man, I think the new RBK Edge jerseys look fantastic on me! They're nowhere near as bulky or tent-like as my other jerseys. Plus, the authentics are cut differently than the replicas. I bought a Size 50, and the jersey it self is nice and trim, but the arms are quite long (which suit my own long limbs). RBK Edge : a jersey for today's metrosexual hockey fan.
  11. For those in the Edmonton area, Game On Sports in WEM and the Oilers Store at Kingsway Garden Mall are selling both home and away Oilers RBK authentics for $149.99 (down from their regular price of $319.99).
  12. Behold the first shots of Kazakhstan's new jerseys. Borat's home nation has always had my favourite international uniforms, and these are no different. Notice the flag emblem on the socks! :
  13. Judging by this, I'd say that Canada has solved their problem about what to wear at the Olympics in 2010 if they're not allowed to wear their logo jerseys.
  14. Here's some links to some pics of new IIHF jerseys. These are taken from the various Division I and II tournaments that started this past weekend : - Slovenia vs Estonia - France vs Slovenia - Norway vs Ukraine - Austria vs Hungary