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  1. you LIKE that? They took your famed logo, slapped on an all-white template and added the stripes. They didn't design an interesting jersey or anything like that...too each his own. I guess my opinion of these wouldn't be in this thread it wasn't unpopular...
  2. Love the Oilers current set (minus the gawdy throwback). For a franchise with an annoying habit of wanting to wallow in their own history, this is, for once, a bold step forward into the future. Would love to see Taylor Hall raise the Stanley Cup one day wearing these.
  3. Find the pic of Bol in the Indianapolis Ice uniform from a few years back. I remember seeing one somewhere but I'm having a hell of a time finding it (It was for charity and I don't know if he just appeared for the warm-ups or if he actuallly saw official ice time). I was at least one of the people who posted this pic in the past, but here it is again : Next challenge : trying to find a picture of Tom Glavine in his high school hockey days, or, better yet, the full uniform practice he had with the Bruins a few years back.
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