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  1. The Bills are playing the Titans in the hall of fame game and both teams will be wearing 60's throwbacks for that game
  2. Geeze a typo forgive me maybe when I grow up I can be perfect like with it
  3. not to be a jerk in return but I have no idea what you are talking you?
  4. This is something I havent noticed here before and forgive me if it has already been discussed but I was wondering about to what extent are the shades of gray used in road uniforms different across the leagues? Some seem darker than others and I was just curiious about the different shades of gray being used. Any thoughts?
  5. cableguy

    Buffalo Bills: v2.0

    I love everything about this retro look except the red alternate jersey...looks like retro Patriots. Nice Job!
  6. The Browns did wear these pants one time, in a pre season game against the Giants last season and thankfully havent worn them since
  7. The Browns only wore the brown pants ONE time, in a pre season game against the Giants last season and have not worn them since...thank goodness
  8. Just got off youtube after checking out the video for new features on Madden 10. At the end of the video the designer mentioned all the platforms that it would be coming in and PS2 WAS mentioned...was I hearing things or do you think it WILL be available on PS2? Thats all I have and I would hate to dish out $300 for a ps3 just for one game although this one sounds fantastic quote name='uniguy22' date='Thursday, June 11th, 2009 - 13:45:17' post='1174654'] Here is a video of Madden 10 showing the new uniform selection. I guess they did put socks in, and shoes too! Looks awesome.
  9. cableguy

    Denver Broncos

    The Broncos used to wear orange pants on the road back in the 1960's when they had their orange home jerseys. I always liked them and wished they had returned to using them on the road
  10. I nothing sacred anymore! This is just!
  11. Those caps are fantastic! Some are really creative and original. I'm very tempted to pick up that retro Chief Wahoo Indians cap! Thanks for sharing the site.
  12. Im a huge Browns fan and I gave the brown pants a try in Madden and I couldnt even finish the game with them in those...its just not the Browns.
  13. On a quasi related note...why did Madden 08 put the Titans power blue monochrome uniform on their cover then not even offer it in the Titans uniform selection within the game?
  14. Who comes up with this crap? Those uniforms could have been "designed" by a four year creativity, originality or sense of design at all. When is this horrible uniform designing going to end....
  15. Simply outstanding work Brandon. I applaud your talents and your efforts and thank you for the wonderful images...I had a blast looking at all of them. GREAT JOB!