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  1. Hey, I looked through your portfolio on your site and I have to say that you're a really talented and creative dude. I like your ideas!
  2. Wow, you're right about the Knights name. Looks like at the following site has a silhouette of the current Nets logo and something else with a horse head outline. I sure as heck hope it doesn't look like the old Pistons logo. Brooklyn Knights You'd think they could come up with a better name than the KNIGHTS. I kind of like the idea of bringing back the Dodgers name but I don't think that's possible, who knows........
  3. ... I've also heard of a new away or alternate uniform for this upcoming season, but I can't get any official word on it quite yet. I hope not. I think the Jazz's alternate jersey is the best in the league; up there with Cleveland, Toronto, & Denver. Oh I totally agree, I'd hate it if they phased out their baby blue alt uni, but I honestly don't think they would. I'm willing to bet the majority of the merchandise they sell is baby blue oriented, so hopefully they're just incorporating a 4th jersey, or they're moving the baby blue over to their official away. I hate their current home/away uniform set anyway. I think they're too plain!
  4. I'm extremely impressed! Awesome work!!!
  5. I like this concept rendering you made a lot but I know for a fact the Jazz aren't using a new logo for the 2009-10 season. Our company happens to advertise/sponsor with the Jazz, so I usually hear about stuff like this before the media gets word of it. I know they're discussing the possibility of changing the logo for the 2010-11 season though. I've also heard of a new away or alternate uniform for this upcoming season, but I can't get any official word on it quite yet.
  6. These are awesome and being from Salt Lake City myself, I wish Ogden would contact you and make the switch now! Seriously though, this is the best concept I've seen for any Utah minor league club.
  7. I did trace that logo, not from this site though and I didn't use my own traced logo for this concept. Where did you find a better quality logo? The one off of Creamer's site was the best one I could find. Did you just eye the "The City" logo for this new concept since you didn't use the one you already had?
  8. Thanks, yeah I work in Illustrator. That's cool, I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Did you trace it off of this logo? The City logo found on Creamer's site.
  9. Absolutely beautiful, I love it! I take it you have a vector version of the old "The City" logo?
  10. Awesome work! I love the wordmark you're using on the unis, it gives it more of that New York Metropolitan feel.
  11. Truly amazing! How about incorporating some of the boats off of Union Bay?
  12. I've heard from multiple sources here in SLC that the Jazz will have a new green uniform for the 2009-10 season, so maybe it'll incorporate this old retro green look. At least one can only hope! It's good to be a new member of the board!