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  1. #1 is my favorite, followed by #4. I don't like using the Bears or Browns colors and the sepia look just fits the image so well. I agree - to me, the logo looks its best when it looks old (after all, they are the ghosts); making it look new like #2 & #3 ruins the effect imo. The face of the player reflects to a previous age of football, not a modern one with flashly colors. #1 is best followed by #4 to me.
  2. A - the grey focuses attention on all the other parts of the logo
  3. It should be "Los Diablos", not "El Diablos"
  4. #1 is the best to me; #3 is too bold i guess
  5. I think the white lettering is better
  6. tyrod taylor QB - virginia tech please; thanks!
  7. Panchito

    Bowl Sigs

    Can you do a Orange Bowl (Virginia Tech vs. Stanford) and a Chik-Fila Bowl (South Carolina vs. Florida State) one please? Thanks!
  8. I think those a lot; having throwback uniforms for a rivalry game is a really cool idea to me
  9. Thats a great signature! Can I have a Orange Bowl one (Virginia Tech vs. Stanford)? Thanks!
  10. That is an amazing job that you did. Like someone said before, it looks like something a major TV network made. Would it be possible for you to make more for the other BCS bowls?
  11. to be honest, without any logos on the jerseys, it looks like a YMCA basketball concept. you really need some logos to go along with the jerseys.
  12. As a Virginia Tech fan, the VT concept is just puzzling to me. The orange isn't VT orange and it isn't very appealing. If I were you, I'd also make the VT logo on the helmet smaller
  13. I think there's too much gold on the Nebraska one, i'd have it just as an accent color, not as a primary or secondary
  14. Panchito


    The wolf looks more like a mix between a boar and a dog to me; it needs to be more fierce