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  1. I am looking for a Vector Softball uniform template and a vector Lacrosse uniform template. Anyone have one?
  2. One thing I would really love for you to do is change the way the forums are titled and monitored. It makes NO sense to have a 222 page thread on ANYTHING. If someone makes a post first that has a very specific comment about one aspect pertaining to Nike NFL uniforms, every single Nike NFL post that comes next shouldn't live under that original post name because it won't make sense in most cases. There could be tons of sub contexts or events that fall under that category is way too confining and if the original name of the post is too descriptive, you could overlook it. The thread name should change to something generic like "Nike NFL 2012". Also, can you just delete any smarmy user you makes a big deal that something was covered in a previous thread? That is the antithesis of social behavior. If you could use tags for major topics like NIKE NFL that catches it all and let the individual make posts that are more context based that live on their own, you could serve both groups rather than having these over judicious people trying to control the spontaneous conversation that you need to generate more and more conversation.
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