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  1. Do any of you think the following Ducati logo was created in Illustrator? I?ve been working on my own version and I can?t quite grasp how they?ve created those white shine/reflecting elements (highlighted in red). I don?t think it?s possible to create them with just plain gradients and I?ve been having a heck of a time duplicating the same effect with ?gradient meshes?. What are your thoughts?
  2. Wow, at $3,495 a pop too!
  3. If one were to go about designing a three dimensional logo like the ones below, what would be the best application to use?
  4. Well I like it; it?s the most unique looking design relating to Salt Lake City that I?ve seen in a long time!
  5. Davidson, Did you draw these Salt Lake City labels?
  6. And how about Carlos Boozer returning to his injury-prone ways! Get used to it Bulls fans, this is the first of many to come!!!
  7. Here's some photos of the new Utah Jazz court. I was expecting the two-tone.
  8. There?s an update from Uni Watch that covers the newly designed uniforms. One of the coolest new features that?s gone unnoticed until now is the new a silicone rubber band on the inner waistband of the shorts that addresses the problem of players uniforms coming untucked. Uni Watch - The hole truth on the NBA jerseys
  9. Heres a great video on NBA.com that goes over the engineering of the new Adidas uniform mesh. Pretty crazy that the numbers are now mesh too. NBA.com - New Adidas Mesh When do the authentic shorts go on sale?
  10. Looks awful to me, I think the green only works in combination with the yellow; maybe it's the angle, but that looks like it belongs to the 80s Mavericks, not the Jazz. Tell that to Snoop Dogg!
  11. I just talked to my brother who?s an account executive at the Jazz and he said the court will for sure have two-tone wood like the image below. So minus Larry H. Miller signature, I would assume that image is pretty accurate.