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  1. When was this? Yeah, what the hell is that? Does Shaq just show up for random photo shots to see how he?d look in everyone?s uniforms? That was in mid-2008 based from my research in Google. By the way, that really looks terrible. Remember that one time Hakeem Olajuwon tried on a Raptors jersey? At least Hakeem didn?t have man-boobs!
  2. When was this? Yeah, what the hell is that? Does Shaq just show up for random photo shots to see how he?d look in everyone?s uniforms?
  3. cool, i tried doing something similar to this in photoshop but it didn't really work out. anyways if you are still taking requests then I'd love to get these: http://philly.cities2night.com/public/event_images/102224.jpg http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=3dqb802gte0wbelf624i41uf2 http://www.thesportstop.com.au/catalog/images/large-parramatta-eels-logo-33.jpg btw if its a lengthy process to make them then just the 1st one would be fine. I need vectors to do these conversions. I threw this one together quickly... The other Sixers logo is available as a real patch at National Emblem Patchez you amaze me! Can you remind me, what pieces of software does one need to achieve the embroidery effect, and what dollar amount would it all equal out to?
  4. I think the color is actually a charcoal gray, but it still looks good irregardless. Ive been hoarding construction photos of the place, I got to say, inside its a helluva building. Im not a fan of the exterior, but given the option of moving to Kansas City, I can live with it. Cool! You outta post 'em!
  5. That Consol Energy Center look pretty awesome!
  6. Very nice! Are you going to try the decal outlining next?
  7. Magic looks fine in green with #33. While Larry looks horrible in yellow!!!
  8. I'm sorry if that's how you took my original comment about the MWC, that's not exactly what I mean. Oh I totally agree. It'll be interesting to see how they rise to the call, but only time will tell. And thanks by the way, I know all my Utah friends are going fanatical about this too!
  9. Other than an automatic bid, NOTHING! Ask any university, they'd rather have an automatic bid versus being over looked anyday!
  10. Oh come on, don?t move this thread, this is a huge deal where justice is finally being served!
  11. Finally, the day has come where my Utes are moving to a conference of legitimacy, a conference where they finally have a shot of competing for the National Title! This is the biggest day in history for the University of Utah Football program! Hallelujah!!! Pac-10 invites Utah as 12th member
  12. What ever happened to Manute Bol since his little hockey stint?
  13. Wow, that's crazy. The floor would have to be some type of transparent glass though! It would be nice if the picture enlarged but, based on what I see, that isn't hanging over the ice. You?re right, it does look like it?s hanging over the crowd versus the ice, but now that I mentioned the idea, wouldn?t it be cool to have a bridge that?s right over the ice/playing floor? They could feature some type of glass floor like what the CN Tower in Toronto has.
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