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  1. The Toronto Rock of Hamilton. This would be like the Blackhawks for some reason deciding to move to Milwaukee...and then insisting that they remain the Chicago Blackhawks. The Chi, the Mil, same thing, amirite? Could they not have found somewhere closer to Toronto? As in somewhere where still calling themselves Toronto isn't outright silly?
  2. IIRC it was at least 3 years, maybe 4. Definitely lasted longer than either the Royals or Orioles' gray caps.
  3. So I was reading the NFL changes thread recently, and somebody posted a photo featuring the Chargers' old uniforms. Vs. the Broncos, I think. It was there that I noticed the Chargers' wordmark was on the socks, something I'd known the Dolphins and Bengals used to have, but I'd been unaware the Chargers had done it too...or that they stuck with it into the 2000s (the only team to do so), seeing as the Bengals and Dolphins' sock wordmarks didn't survive their 1997 changes. Not sure how hard I really wanna look, but the one season the Jets did this and the Patriots' two season tour are the only other teams I'm aware of using sock wordmarks. Not sure why this was an AFC only thing, though with the rise of jersey wordmarks, we're probably never seeing these again (at least on the gridiron. OTOH, the fact that soccer clubs have their name or their initials on their socks all the time slipped my mind at the time of posting). Any similarly short lived features (or features that were never widely adopted but somehow stuck around) worth a mention out there?
  4. Technically, the on-jersey version uses a (R), not a TM, but that's basically a distinction without much difference, topically. Very odd though, considering the White Sox, Rays, Braves, and other teams who literally use their full logo as their home script don't do this.
  5. Eh, why not. During his stint with the Pats, Bryan Cox wore 0 during the preseason, then was sporting his usual #51 once the regular season began. Whether whoever was wearing 51 got released or agreed to give Cox the number, I have no idea.
  6. And with this, the furry fandom's favorite Japanese baseball mascot makes her CCSLC debut (while discussing football numbering conventions, naturally). All that's missing is the Fighters' lost Sonic girl mascot
  7. Better this than being a traveling team, strange though it is. Interestingly enough, the Biloxi Shuckers had to do something like this early in their first season, IIRC. Their new ballpark wasn't ready for the start of the season, so they played some home games in...drumroll please...the very place they'd just moved from: Huntsville, Alabama. They even wore their old Stars uniforms.
  8. The Kenosha Kingfish went in that direction, with their everyday opponents being the K-Town Bobbers
  9. Admittedly, I'm surprised UWM hasn't done anything resembling the Pirates, given the color scheme. Maybe they have and I'm merely unaware of it, though.
  10. West Virginia used to have a similarly Yankees-like cap logo, though IIRC they did away with it somewhere around ten years ago.
  11. I wonder if you had Syracuse's old S on your mind during the design process, because that's what this reminds me of. The Alps/bruised banana lovechild is a daring choice, to be sure.
  12. And now I have another reason for this concept to make me wanna kick myself....how did I miss what you did with the stripes?
  13. I figure updating the Isles' logo without it looking like a cheap knockoff will be extremely tricky, and I hate to say it but I'm not sure whether you're close to that sweet spot or not. It's like it is, but also isn't, I guess.
  14. The Egypt crest makes me think of Pharaoh Man in a good way. I also think you pulled off Udinese's crest off very nicely, the U shape and the zebra face both register without looking corny. And oddly enough, I also find myself wanting to wear your Tottenham third shirt. Not 100% sure I could actually pull it off, but you never know til you try.
  15. I can imagine. Several years ago, I was playing NBA Live, had a Bucks franchise going, and the next game happened to be against the Nets. The unis I picked were the 90s big deer greens for the Bucks, and the grays for the Nets. Horrible decision on my part, I could barely tell them apart. Other examples I remember seeing: a few years before the conference musical chairs, Texas A&M and Colorado faced off in the Big XII women's hoops tournament, the Aggies in silver and CU in gold. Whoever okayed that matchup should've been fired. Watched this game on TV...very much like the aforementioned Browns-Bengals orangefest. There are also a couple silver vs white college games I remember seeing at least one picture of: Army basketball vs Navy, and Nevada football vs somebody, can't remember who.