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  1. "...the trophy boldly symbolizes the amount of embezzled money involved in the FIFA/Qatar award process" Keith Myaths
  2. It's a $19 sublimated truck-stop gift shop jersey. Very disappointed. Change for the sake of... well... for no reason really.
  3. I attend only a few games per year, however because of travel, they are generally different teams in different cities, and in no other stadium do I see more throwback jerseys than in Denver. Elway, Little, Gradishar, Atwater, Davis, Mecklenburg etc... are absolutely EVERYWHERE. This gives a lot of weight to the argument that at least the newer uniform/jersey is not classic, as I dare say that the majority of Broncos fans prefer the Orange Crush version. Perhaps the orange version of the modern jersey is a bit more acceptable to the fans in general, but orange definitely is the way to go. There are also (again, just my observation) a larger number of merch items depicting the old logo than I see in other cities. My guess would be in the 30-35% vintage range. That's quite high compared to a lot of other towns. Personally I have never worn a "new" uniform jersey to a game. Everything is from the Orange Crush era or a throwback.
  4. It is with a broad smile and great pride I present a late 70's Bengals jersey of (wait for it....)Pat McInally. Compliments of a Goodwill in KY.
  5. Actually the logo for the youth club, when altered to the new team colors is pretty sharp. (except for the gradient)
  6. The first reports showed a royal blue, black and white version of the logo shown below. WJBC later showed a version of the logo in the new team colors, which were announced as a "LA Kings Style" purple, black, white. Later in the afternoon I found of this was on and they showed this as the new logo. It would appear that this is the "final" logo of the day.
  7. I believe this is a fanboy creation. This was posted at around 9:30 PM on the Tennessee Vols Fever FB page. The red "claw tear" design in the background doesn't help the credibility a lot either, however I thought I would throw it out there... and hopefully "throw it out" will be the option chosen.
  8. Not sure where in the world I would go to find out this information, so I place it here. I hope someone has an idea or at least it sparks a discussion. Has there ever been a regular season hockey broadcast (NHL or Professional Minors) done from the player's bench? I know this has been done for a few preseason games, however I am wondering as to whether it has ever happened for an actual game. I realize there have been a lot of "between the glass" and "down by the boards" broadcasters added in recent years. (The equivalent of sideline reporters in football) I am wondering about the actual play-by-play. Apparently this is going to happen this week due to the lack of availability of press row in a minor league arena. Should be interesting.
  9. This is from a Goodwill store in Huntsville, Alabama. West Coast Bulldogs. I can only imagine how it made its way to Huntsville.
  10. Congratulations to the U of Maryland, on their Pogo the Clown uniforms.
  11. The Georgia set was so bad I couldn't stare at it long enough to locate where they put the Kotex logo.
  12. The first thing that draws my eye is not really elemental to the logo at all, and thus creates a diversion to what is not TOO bad of a logo in my opinion. The triangular white "notch" above the top of the plane nose is tremendously distracting. It wouldn't have been tough to shrink the plane about 5% and NOT notch the circle.
  13. What draws my eye immediately, and for the record, stands out as inconsistent and unnecessary, is the white wedge above the nose of the jet. Shrink the jet by 5% and take out the wedge, other than that, I might actually be able to live with it!
  14. A quick message to the author: When discussing the Anaheim jerseys she states, "Call me biased..." I can assure you that "biased" isn't what we are calling her after reading her opinions.
  15. While attending an SPHL hockey game a few weeks ago I caught sight of one of the board advertisements and thought the logo for Bay Beer and Tobacco looked familiar. After a quick jog of the memory I realized it was the Jackalopes logo, which is of course another hockey team. (different league) Given the number of cross-threads that run through the small world of minor league hockey, it's possible that this was altered with permission and is being used with the knowledge of the designer... but I doubt it. For your consideration: