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  1. Id be willing to bet that Ohio State has a richer history in college hoops that Okie State does. In the last 10 years definitely, but also historically.
  2. Miami who?? Dolphins, Marlins, Hurricanes?? Do you have a pic, maybe an old and a new to compare/ contrast??
  3. Those are awesome! I used to have these when I was in school, in the early to mid 80's. I probably went thru a couple of different sets. Great memories. Thanks for posting. I remember every single one.
  4. Manchester City, MCFC, owns the team. They pick the name. They are trying to expand their brand in America. This is one of their plans, and partnering with the NY Yankees seems like a good plan. As owners of the team, Manchester City picks the name, and with the goal of expanding the MCFC brand, maybe you can see why they chose the name they did.
  5. I have been trying to find a grey, Cleveland Indians 1948 road jersey, zip up, with the yellow Chief Wahoo on the sleeve, # 14 for Larry Doby, in a jumbo size, 4xl or 5xl. Been looking for years.
  6. It's their gimmick -- and a terrible one at that. Its such a terrible gimmick that nearly every player that intros himself on Sunday Night Football tries to immitate it or insert the word "The" into whatever their college's name is. We love that. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Keep it up, wanna-be's!!!!!
  7. I'd say that advancing to the NCAA title game in back to back years is quite the feat, especially given how Final Fours are celebrated within the college basketball circle as a glowing achievement. And the cultural impact and shift in the power balance of college basketball has made that group a noteworthy team that continues to be talked about 20 years after the fact, more than whoever won the Big Ten in 1991, 1992, 1993, etc. It's cute that you're still bitter, 20 years after the fact, when that team is discussed, though. Bitter over what?? Them not winning a damn thing, ever? Not bitter, just still enjoying it! Worship on, "M-ers".
  8. My favorite post script to the "Fab Five" era at Michigan is that they never won anything. Never won a BigTen title, never a NCAA title, nothing. They are worshipped and lauded as these cultural icons because they wore baggy shorts, but the ultimate irony is that those that did and still do worship them are worshipping losers that really never won a damn thing. Ive always love that. Worship on, Michigan.
  9. Cavaliers current look is thier best, ever. Wine and gold, home whites and road wine. "Cavaliers" on the home whites, "Cleveland" on the road wines. Perfect. (alt yellow "CAVS" arent as good primarily because the team is the "Cavaliers", not the "CAVS". I have always hated that they were branded a shortened nick-name for so long. I LOVED when they started using "Cavaliers" again around the 03-04 season.)
  10. Could you imagine Ohio State v Michigan both in the traditional home unis?? Wow, that would be great. Scarlet jerseys and silver helmets vs the dark Blue of Michigan and thier winged helmets?? I thought I had seen that from many decades ago, but not sure. To do that in 2012 would be outstanding.
  11. Final week of Browns in white at home. I believe they only comitted to wearing the whites for the first 3 home games, and this week marks the 3rd home game (Eagles, Bills, Bungles). Enjoy them at home while you can, Browns fans.... *lol*
  12. Well, Michigan's basketball unis are finally catching up to the eternal ugliness of thier totally overrated football unis. Congrats, guys!
  13. I would say that this style hat is still incredibly popular today. Very much still a collegiate bookstore "staple" item. I think the reason it's still around is because it's a pretty clean design that is not gaudy or defining of a particular fad or era. Also because it says "Cocks." I cant imagine a "straight" man/ guy would walk around with that on their hat like that. I mean, if your not a straight man, than enjoy. "Not that there is anything wrong with that...." But if you are "straight", than I really really just dont get it. I mean, really?????
  14. Agree. I like it, too, for same reasons. Cant wait to see them on the field. ps. Hope they left the helmets alone.
  15. Didnt the Hall of Fame game used to be AFC v NFC?? I never remember them having an all NFC matchup or an all AFC matchup. Why the change for this year?? I know they usually like to have one of the teams repsented with the current HoF being inducted, and they got that with Willie Roaf and the Saints this year. But wasnt there an AFC team available?? There were (2) Steelers elected, a guy who was a Jet and a Patriot, etc.... Just curious if there was a reason why it is all NFC this year?