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  1. Id be willing to bet that Ohio State has a richer history in college hoops that Okie State does. In the last 10 years definitely, but also historically.
  2. Miami who?? Dolphins, Marlins, Hurricanes?? Do you have a pic, maybe an old and a new to compare/ contrast??
  3. I have been trying to find a grey, Cleveland Indians 1948 road jersey, zip up, with the yellow Chief Wahoo on the sleeve, # 14 for Larry Doby, in a jumbo size, 4xl or 5xl. Been looking for years.
  4. Me too. I havent seen a team try it yet and didnt like it.
  5. Denver Devils of the 1983 movie "Blue Skies Again". Harry Hamlin and Mimi Rodgers and a very young Andy Garcia. Found some clips but couldnt find any pics of shots of the team. Great movie.
  6. A couple things: First, I read the stadium is to hold 64,000. I thought 70,000+ was the requirement for Super Bowls. Wouldnt this be one of the prime sites in the Super Bowl rotation? Why not over 70,000? Also, doesnt Al Davis hold the rights, or at least THINK he holds the rights, to the Los Angeles market? I doubt he will just let another team move in there without a fight.
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