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  1. I put together a quick road-set as well. Philly would look outstanding with kelly green pants! I suppose I'm the only one that isn't really feeling this. It's likely because being a 90's kid, I'll always associate the Eagles with the dark teal, but I see this and think "TV/monitor problem!" It just to me. And mind you, this is coming from someone who's favorite color is, indeed, kelly green. Philadelphia could certainly brighten the dark teal up a small bit, but I'd prefer they stay as close to what they have now as possible. It's really one of those cases of growing up in certain generations, in my case, the 90's-00's; it's the same reason I think of the Padres as a "navy team" and think the Knicks look totally weird without black. All of those examples will surely seem preposterous to my elders, but blame my birthdate!
  2. Yeah, I don't really like this, nor do I understand it (in that I can't figure out what the reason for a blackout is...there's plenty of better things they could've done with a special uniform). It'd be one thing if the Cougars were still wearing the black-trimmed Sarkisian-era set, then this would make a little more sense. But with the identity as it is now, it just seems completely unneccessary.
  3. That's a beauty! Love the Aggietrooper look, it's great to see one that is finally without crappy piping and such. It's also great to see an Aggie team that's actually good this year too!
  4. I'm with you as well. Save the black facemask, I thought the Wisconsin look was sharp. Loved the numbers especially. I was pretty mehh on Nebraska. They didn't look terrible, but they didn't look great or even good, either.
  5. _ _Not a bad looking helmet I suppose, but it's not better than what they have right now in my opinion. _ _This particular opinion might be an unpopular one, but I think the current Illini helmets are one of the best in the nation. It just has that big-time program look to me. Like the old Giants helmet, the "power script" just gives it that bold feel. And obviously, it's a pretty unmistakeable helmet. I was hoping it'd be one of those helmets that stayed for decades, but I'm thinking it's going to be gone very soon (I haven't really followed much from this offseason, so if that was by chance already established, I apologize).
  6. Ottawa Rebels and Ottawa Roughnecks both have a nice ring to it. Ottawa Rangers kinda sounds good, too.
  7. That's what I was hoping. Although, I have a feeling that they might not do any of the smaller schools. I don't know, they had Eastern Michigan. No offense to any EMU fans out there, but if they're going to include EMU, they should include Utah State and Army!
  8. Sweet, I'm looking forwards to getting that pack. Probably won't use the Irish uniform at all haha, but at least it gives me a new jersey to mix and match with other accessories. I've been doing that a lot with the new stuff, and it's pretty fun to see what you can come up with. That Wisconsin helmet paired with the regular set might be kind of cool. Also, I was dissapointed that Utah State and Army among others weren't included in the default pack. Hopefully those defaults that didn't make it on the first go 'round come up soon.
  9. I actually really like the MSU helmet, but I do wish the numbers at least were maroon. The silver numbers push a nice idea a bit over the top, unfortunately.
  10. The set after these (Kellen Clemens era) was solid. These uniforms? They were ok. Not bad, but not good. Oregon's uniforms are always so close to being good, for me. All of their uniforms for the last decade or so have been a few tweaks away from being good. It's always close, but no cigar. I loved the Clemens set because it was simply green and yellow. No black, no carbon, no volt, just the school colors showcased in a good modern design. The only modern set, save the most recent Fighting Ducks set, that I felt they got completely right.
  11. I was seriously coming here to post about this. Maybe it's me being a 90's kid and just being used to Denver wearing navy at home, but I don't like 'em in orange. It's not that it looks bad, it's more that I think the navy just looked better (at least when paired with white pants and not monochrome).
  12. Oh yes, 1,000 times yes. A set based on this would've easily been tops in franchise history. That color set is still my favorite in Cavs history.
  13. I second this. To be honest, I actually really like the silver-green as a color on its own - now, that doesn't mean I like the uniform mismatches by any means, I just like the color itself. I think the way to go is to adjust the helmet to match the pants. It's a unique color and I think it looks good with the royal blue. I even think it'd look good with navy if they wanted to go that route, too.
  14. Huh...well....I suppose if the itch to wear that was that bad, it's best to have whipped it out against Duke rather than Cal or another big conference game. That's pretty bad. Stanford in all black should never, ever happen. Duke on the other hand looked great.
  15. I've only ever read overwhelming praise for Tulane's uniforms during my time here. Not sure I've ever come across someone who didn't like them.