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  1. Wow that is very impressive. It has the Winter Classic vibe to also that I love about it.
  2. Never really been a fan of the Lions using black but that's just a personal preference. I think the pants need something because there is nothing going on with them. Some striping would do the job. That alternate looks great.
  3. I'm getting a real junior hockey vibe from this logo, being as it reminds me of the Peterborough Petes logo. I really like that the red mark can be seen as both a jet and a maple leaf.
  4. For the Red Wings you could use the Winter Classic "D" like the how the Tigers home is.
  5. My problem with it is that I saw a an S and a C before I saw the G.
  6. I really think you have an excellent logo, but I feel his chin is fairly large and could be shrunken a little bit.
  7. I don't think four shoulder patches will work. The jersey looks like a practice jersey with small colored hem stripe and small stripes on the tips of the arms. The beige color is hardly visible.
  8. I know the sleeve stripes have to do with the Air Force roundel but they seem like something Adidas would add to their uniforms. Still an outstanding concept.
  9. Amazing video, for an amazing sport. Any ways/places to learn how to make videos like that?
  10. Whats the website you got that from? Like to see if they have other fakes like this.
  11. I don't think teams have people submit logos to them. They usually contact a designer and have them make a logo for them.
  12. I don't really understand what you said here. But the jersey I posted a few posts above is an authentic jersey that uses the same material TornadoGTS used in his pictures. I think what he meant to say is the material of the nameplate is going to be the material on which the the name plate is placed. So if a name plate is being applied onto a mesh area the nameplate will have mesh material. Examples: http://www.mearsonlineauctions.com/LotImages/14/6354a_lg.jpeg http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/HoushJersey.jpg
  13. I guess, but if your looking a specific size or whatever, thats when it turns tricky, because like I told patsox, when you have it at any other size besides the normal sides, you lose a majority of the details and effects. I'll gladly try to do who/what you want, but probably gonna be at the normal size. Change the size of the document before you start to add names and numbers so you don't loose the stitching and other details.