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  1. Age: 37 Music Preferences: Steely Dan, Doves, Ben Folds Five, Jamiroquai, Ben Harper Music Dislikes: Most mega-play Top 40 stuff, but sometimes get hooked (current examples "Roar" "Timber" etc.) due to becoming a minivan rider with two young daughters. Disney soundtracks, on the other hand, make me contemplate a knitting needle to the ears recently. Clothing Preferences: Team-issue shorts and self-designed logo long sleeve tees while home; Button-down dress shirts with sleeves rolled up and pleatless khakis or subtle pattern suit pants while out. Sports Uniform Preferences: Traditional minimalist on the threads; I’ve become a sucker for matte helmets when done correctly; strong penchant for high socks, particularly with unique exposed striped/logo’d stirrups in baseball/softball; tastefully executed fauxbacks. Sports Uniform Dislikes: Football padless biker shorts look (even though I was a pad minimalist as a player); hockey masks on baseball catchers; color mismatches; roundels; city/team name not used properly on home/road uniforms; gimmicky one-offs.
  2. Yep, at least the youth logo incorporates more of the "Iron Horse" look of the "Prairie Thunder" that was the old locomotive on the Central Illinois rails.
  3. Bloomington Thunder The railroad correlation makes sense, I can appreciate the compromise due to legalities, but the logo itself is disappointing (particularly if you're going with the railroad theme, go era-appropriate when Bloomington's railroad prominence was historically significant). And don't get me started on purple/silver/black. Way to conform to a decade-old trend.
  4. Follow-up with further details... PrairieThunder
  5. Bloomington Extreme Ugh. This is bad.
  6. CONCEPT: Took the themes of the team's inspiration (Francis Scott Key), the literal key association, as well as a nod to the parent club. May be a tad gaudy for some, but I think it almost works? IDENTITY
  7. MR. MINGS: I regret not acknowledging your template...a defite faux pas on my part. I am an avid observer and less-than casual contributor on this site. That is not an excuse at al; however, I apologize for my oversight. Credits are on the way...
  8. It's a cross between a Maple Leaf and a Fleur-de-Lis
  9. Never heard anything on my take, and was ready to let it die, until now that I see some other concepts have been tossed out there:
  10. Not a Canadian citizen, but here's my quick take: Conglomerating the obligatory leaf with the fleur-de-lis to the east.
  11. IE 6.0 running on a Windows XP platform...can't see the images.