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  1. Flaming horseshoe would be a good concept. That other stuff muddies it up.
  2. It would work great for letter-head, stamps, tags, etc. I wouldn't want it on the front of my jersey: too many words, not enough visual solidity.
  3. A1, B1. I noticed from my own attempts that people are usually turned off by grey shoulders.
  4. Love the Arizona home/away. That's a radical design that works within its own logic.
  5. @ TampaBae, The fate of that logo is not yet sealed: it may become someone's property within the next month or two. I think it would be a very bad idea to start using it casually at this point in time. Ask me again in two months, please.
  6. Ok here are some variations of #2. I'm trying to make sure the logo doesn't get lost in the bold jersey design. Any c&c welcome. A. original B. White logo C. white stripes and logo D. grey logo, thicker stroke, white hilight reversed E. thinner lightning, thicker stroke
  7. Thank you for the comments. I'll try to create some options with #2.
  8. The Griffins are the minor league affiliate of the Red Wings. They need an alternate jersey. I'm done with the logo, but still entertaining ideas for the sweater. Would you guys kindly give me some c&c on these five: what works and what doesn't work with each of them... and most importantly, WHY? https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/HMUwUoHDrUKyWjg5aEkAwtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink 1. Was obviously inspired by the Ducks alt jersey. I wanted to give the team this option because lots of minor teams like to use a pattern from a major leaguer. 2. Tries to mimic the lightning-like shadows on the feathers. 3. Tries to go as traditional as I'm willing to go on an alt jersey. 4. Tries to mimic the swooping shape of the wings. 5. Adds some embellishment to the wings. [if you need to see official Griffins jerseys, they're right here on sportslogos.net]
  9. You're right that their logo looks like an n-th photocopy. But I like the composition and 'weight' of their bear better than yours. Would you be interested in updating their bear instead of drawing a brand new bear?
  10. Finally, someone who understands that the BlueJackets have to have chevrons. With the Caps you've really hit your stride... better than anything they've ever worn! Can I make a slight criticism: The Rangers font doesn't really work on a light background. The N and W lack negative space.
  11. I agree with HawkeyHouse. As a hockey player, I would hate to wear yellow or white breezers.
  12. This STL set doesn't need fixin. It goes with your design style and it certainly goes with the Blues identity. [Just an aside: the players don't change their gloves for different uniforms. They pretty much wear the same gloves all the time, till they decay and fall off their hands.]
  13. Your very first idea was best. IMO you've let them talk you out of something original, and into something more typical and pedestrian.
  14. Lookin' better and better with every take. Now look at the photo s/o posted. Your ears are backwards. The upper line should be straight, and the lower/outside line should be curved.
  15. The color choices are great; I totally agree with you. However, the shoulder yokes are rubbing me the wrong way. I don't like how the 'corners' point down. Alternate: hate it. There's a reason the 'extended pit stain' went in and out of style within a year.