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  1. The amount of hate I see across social media from fans is ridiculous. Do I love the logo? No. Do I hate it? No. No matter what the logo looked like, it would have gotten no support from the "sioux forever" people. It really is time to move on and worry about more important things (like the school's budget cuts...). I have countless Sioux sweatshirts, countless generic North Dakota sweatshirts and you bet I will have countless sweatshirts with this logo.
  2. Does anybody know of a website I can go on and find out what pitches that a pitcher has in his arsenal? I wasn't really sure how to google that. As a catcher I just find it fascinating and it's actually fun to sit there and watch a game, trying to predict what they would throw. Anyways, thanks in advance.
  3. Ah, tut tut. You don't own that intellectual property, so no, you won't. As I was typing that, I knew you would come along and respond.
  4. Current student here. I did vote for Fighting Hawks, but I'm not in love with the nickname. It was the best of the 5 remaining options. We'll always be the Fighting Sioux. The people and students here are too proud of that name to let the traditions die. At least now I can get a decent looking jersey next fall...
  5. The list is down to seven. They are: Nodaks, North Dakota, Roughriders, Sundogs, North Stars, Fighting Hawks and Green Hawks.
  6. As a UND student, I'm fine with any name on the list EXCEPT for keeping it just North Dakota. That's the logo geek in me. The interlocking N & D looks good, but it would be nice to have a real identity. I'd rather buy a shirt with a "Fighting Hawk" on it than a North Dakota word mark.
  7. As someone that works in the Xcel Energy Center, I can attest that the Swarm were treated like the red headed step child of the arena. Obviously they're not going to be the favorite child, but the Swarm were not treated with respect within the arena. They were pushed out. Shame to see them go.
  8. Is this one of theirs? I found it in an advertising class last year and I really enjoyed it.
  9. Wouldn't Lou Gehrig be a good one based on ALS?
  10. Torii Hunter goes back to the Twins. One year for 10.5 million... sheesh.
  11. It looked a little better like this: I'm going to ask once, don't bring North Dakota's past into this. If this is all it will become, I agree the colors are nice. Black look better. But don't escalate from here. I want one of my college threads to last without being taken down by people who can't let it go. Thank you That's not what I'm implying at all. I'm a Gopher fan. I just feel that North Dakota looked better back then, compared to today. Cool your jets.
  12. Wild win tonight and then get spanked right out of Chicago for game 7. Spanked? Yeah, spanked.