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  1. This was always my favourite look... i own a Lemieux and Crosby in this style... Honestly think if they used this with "Pittsburgh Gold" it would be pretty damn good
  2. Which is weird from a source I trust I heard the signature "wheat" numbers were coming over to the new look... Maybe they got cold feet
  3. Just realized the number font is a modified Stampeders font
  4. Going for the Ukrainian Easter Egg look?
  5. 2 tone green... should be interesting apparently the wheat is on the shoulders... so that means the stripes from the first picture are probably the light green if you look at the base of the wheat
  6. Normally the riders dont go monochrome at home, its usually green with white pants... dunno if that was just a preseason thing or what... then again they went monochrome in the west semi final vs BC but that was in the racing stripe retros... so who knows...
  7. Saw these in action yesterday... The numbers are impossible to read... The 6,8, and 9 are hard to tell apart thanks to the thick red outline
  8. Home looks like a glorified practice jersey... And the away set... for redblacks there is not much of either
  9. 1) Dont insult Glass Joe like that... 2) Fellas I like the fact that everyone is saying this Riders team is humming along I really do but as a fan I have seen this team grasp defeat from the jaws of victory many times... and yes they are quite possibly the most complete Rider team I have ever seen... and that includes the 2007 Grey Cup winning team and the 2009 Should have been champs team... But I really want to see what happens if the wheels fall off in a game, what happens when they actually have to play from behind for more than a quarter, what happens if they lose a close one, or even get their doors blown off... The 2007 Patriots absolutely blew the doors off teams early in the year had a few tighter games late in the season (IE Ravens and Giants) but everyone thought they were untouchable then Eli Manning thought he was Roger Staubach and Tyree caught one on his head and the rest is history
  10. Im no Buck Pierce fan but 1) Buck Pierce could play before he was made of glass and 2) Pierce still takes the big hits, much to his detriment...
  11. Actually they are saying Glenn is probably getting the nod as Tate is having arm issues...
  12. I dunno if they would allow Mack to fire another coach... Pretty sure both Mack and Burke are probably set in stone till the end of the season then its a full house cleaning... I think I said it last year and I will say it again... This thread every year devolves into a bomber fan support group... lol and who invited this guy...
  13. When they unveiled the new unis I knew the mismatching stripes wouldnt last that long and when they did a green helmet with an all white look wasnt going to fly... then the week before the Hamilton game last year there was the rumbling of the white lid then 2 days before I think Durant wore it for practise... Then the storm trooper look was unveiled... Its grown on me I really like it. Just glad they dont go full green leotard at home, and the one or two times they wore the green pants with the whites they kept the green lids.
  14. I was on twitter yesterday when the REDBLACKS and CFL twitter feed posted a picture of a guy who took a 28" saw blade and turned it into the new logo... My first instinct when I saw it was the teeth are the wrong way, the guy put the logo on the wrong face and had the teeth of the blade backwards... So I pointed it out... lol Just wondering if I am the only 'logo snob" out there or has anyone done something similar
  15. Bye week mean Bye Bye Joe Mack for the Bombers?
  16. I have really wanted to resist the urge to jump on this bandwagon but I have run out of options. For three years nothing has changed... it's the same old crew failing to get results every time. But for a fluke Grey Cup appearance in 2011, Mack would have been long since canned. Time to bounce him out of town... he's the one who should have been axed last year, not LaPo. As much as I enjoy the Bombers being horrible... I approve this message...
  17. Right now Rider Nation is buzzing... This is quite possibly the best team that has wore the Green and White since I was born. They look possessed on defense and offense. Plus they have that killer instinct that was missing in the 09 and 2010 Grey Cups when they had the lead and faded. I really hope this team stays healthy because other than the Lions, who they havent played yet, I really dont know who can hold a candle to this team. Some quick numbers... Outscored their opponents 151 to 67, average scores over 4 games 37.75 to 16.75... In 4 games their have been 4 different leading receivers... Sheets first Rider to have 4 straight 100 yard rushing games to start a season EVER... Team record for 100 yard rushing games is 9 by George Reed and Sheets is looking to pass that... Sheets is averaging 143 yards/game and is on pace to shatter the season rush record by 500 yards
  18. The last play of practise when he got pushed out of bounds by the safety...
  19. Back to football.. Just read a wrinkle on the REDBLECHS expansion draft, Non-Imports are going to be a huge factor and who can get protected. Using the Riders as an example if Ottawa takes Drew Willy in the first round the Riders are able to protect 8 Non-Imports, as opposed to 6 if they don't. Considering the Riders calling card since the Tillman years has been Canadian depth, especially at the O-line, one could argue it might be in the Riders best interest to lose Willy. One would assume that Taman would protect Labatte, Picard, Henaan, and Best, and if you wonder why look at Sheet's numbers so far. Which means if Willy isnt picked he can only protect 2 of Getzlaf, Bagg, Sisco, Shologan, Woldu, Butler, Foley, Milo, their 2013 first rounder Watman, etc. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Riders are going to lose 3 Non-Imports and probably 2 of them will be starters
  20. The Stamps are going to have a tough decision go with Captain Glass Drew Tate and hope the past 2 seasons are just a blip on the radar or keep Kevin Glenn who has found his starting game. I could see the REDBLECHS taking Glenn if he is available along side a young QB like Willy as a 1-2 combo... Hell I hope Tino Sunseri doesnt see the field this season... the way he looked this preseason and all the reports from practices seem to say he has all the tools...
  21. Simple solution... West:BC, EDM, CAL, and SSK East: TOR, MTL, HAM, OTT Central: WPG Now Winnipeg has a shot... lol
  22. Riders defense came up huge that second half on friday... Cornish and lewis couldn't do jack
  23. I would put money on it being Black, with a single red stripe... with the logo on the side so the saw blade is barely visible or they might ditch the blade entirely and just have the updated R on the side... it will look like an updated Rough Riders helmet...
  24. Not RedBlacks. Not Redblacks. It's the Ottawa REDBLACKS, the team name you can't pronounce correctly below 90 decibels. Something tells me this outfit is going to have Ottawans longing for the Gliebermanns by late-summer 2014. Or like I said on Facebook "the owner is a 12 year old girl on twitter"... or Max Power "where every letter is just important as the letter that precedes it" lol... what a mess
  25. Kinda looks like swift current broncos logo… yes... "kinda".... If denver and swift current had a kid it would be western