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  1. This was always my favourite look... i own a Lemieux and Crosby in this style... Honestly think if they used this with "Pittsburgh Gold" it would be pretty damn good
  2. Which is weird from a source I trust I heard the signature "wheat" numbers were coming over to the new look... Maybe they got cold feet
  3. WOW... clap clap clap... bravo...
  4. JP i love you... in the most heterosexually way possible of course...
  5. K simple question fellas... is there anyway to change a brush stroke into a normal vectore image... basically im doing this ting for a comapny done with like a brush stroke motif but im sick of resizing it and having to change the stroke density... is there a way to do this and if so how.. plain strokes i just outline them and im set... that doesnt work for this...
  6. Stick to webdesign and "playing god"... that is all...
  7. yeah me too... mmysites a glorified portfolio that i havent finished yet..lol
  8. If you guys want I can throw them on my site as well to save the hassle of nicks and eriq ferom going down again
  9. sorry got busy with work and some paid graphics stuff heres the raster one... so if u vectorize it let me know... sorry i didnt get it finished...I also included 2 examples of when i used it... Blank Template Cougar Womens Hockey... unfortunately unused... it was her idea for the hulk... Jet's Baseball Club... I like the name on the back... it was for my bro... big Top Gun Fan
  10. I started to vectorize last night... should be done tonight after i get home from work
  11. I started to vectorize last night... should be done tonight after i get home from work
  12. funny you should ask i have a raster one... ive designed 3 masks this past year and i have posted all of them... i could vector that template.... hmmmmmmmmm
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