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  1. i dont care what you accuse me of. i will continue to act as MYSELF in the near future. i will continue to comment on concepts and make drawbrawl concepts until i get banned, if i do. but i digress.
  2. i like your thinking chestnutz, because i dont want to do uniforms and a logo set each challenge. BTW, gingerbreadman hasnt responded to my PM yet, so ill just send my concept to you in a smaller size when im done. is that ok? sergei, i am not ILMBalex, in case you thought otherwise.
  3. um, wow. i wouldnt think this was your first inkscape concept. very professional. the only thing i want to point out is that, IMO, the S cap logo would go great with the away set, and the M for the home and alternate and BP. other than that, i love everything about it. i compared it to your paint mariners concept, and i can see there's a definite improvement, quality-wise. well, thats what you get when you use inkscape.
  4. You can go away now. Thank you. ok i will just because you told me to RIPmetrodome, please go away why are you telling me to go away?
  5. RIPmetrodome

    L.A. Quails

    the Q is what really popped out at me first. i loved that you used california as the notch on the Q. i also like the script, with the blue notches in it and such. your team name is unique, but..... the unique colors, though, seem dull. something about brown and dull blue makes me think quail poop. maybe keep the brown and use a different color to accent it, and make it less dull, for the lack of a different word. i think everyone is posting their drawbrawl concept except me. well i have a good reason, mine isnt nearly as great as many of the concepts ive seen so far.
  6. ill be at a rockies game anyway.
  7. um, that is the greatest picture i have ever seen in my life.
  8. everything is great here. the striping on the pants as well as the shoulders. i also agree with your choice to stay away from light blue and use lime green instead. but, i dont think you should wrap the seahawk all the way around the helmet. it looks like a ski-goggle strap, to me. although its unique, IMO, i dont think it looks like something a professional team would use. but then again, buffalo decided to use the buffaslug. the monochrome looks great with the navy uni, but not with the white ones. it looks kind of plain. i think if you fix those small problems, itll look much better.
  9. i like the trees as side paneling and your choice to go retro here. however, i think you shouldnt put that logo on the shorts on both sides of the shorts. i think it gets a little redundant. i think you might have used scottysprings template, b/c i recall gingerbreadman used this one on his inkscape tutorial, and he credited scotty.
  10. last time i checked, sonny was not a rude thing to call someone. im just calling him "sonny" and it was meant in a completely positive way.
  11. im confused by this predicament. you had an extremely long sig, no big deal. just change it, shush your mouth, and im sure er-vrybody will stop bothering you about it. thats my advice to you, newcomer-to-newcomer. to the boards sonny.
  12. I found some for you. I think its interesting they put CANADA on the back of the uni instead of the players' names. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  13. you probably have already figured this out, but you posted this twice. ANYWAY.... i think their current logo is boring....not that I follow the WNBA or anything.......... your idea is an improvement over their current logo, especially with the bean and buildings used in the design, which ties the team to the city. really, i think some teams should come to this site for some logo ideas, (see Buffaslug).
  14. im looking forward to seeing this jersey in action on october 21st vs division rival colorado avalanche, only on FSN North (also presented in Sony HD). plug
  15. ive made a rough draft drawing, i will send it to you next week